From Instagram and Hyperlapse to, more recently, an embeddable video player, Facebook has slowly woven video sharing into many of its products and services.But Facebook's new app called Riff, released for iOS and Android on Wednesday, tackles video with a distinct twist.

Timehop isn't afraid of calling Facebook out on their, let's say, "Timehop-inspired" new feature called "On This Day."Timehop is an app that allows users to look back on their embarrassing tweets, statuses and pictures from years past.

In February, Twitter announced a notable upgrade for TweetDeck – an app often used by social media professionals and businesses – which introduced support for shared access to Twitter accounts through a new “teams” feature.

In honor of April Fools' Day, "We’re Doing Business Like Nobody’s Business" is Tumblr's snappy new slogan meant to promote its new efforts to increase productivity for businesses.

Twitter advertising isn't new, but advertising on users' profiles? That is a first.The social network is testing out promoted tweets on some profile pages, according to a Re/code report.

We've now reached the point where over half of online adults today surf the web on anything other than a traditional computer. Of online adults today, over 80% use a smartphone and 50% have a tablet.

Are you active on Twitter? Does your business participate in Twitter chats? While it may be more challenging for businesses to participate in chats from behind a logo, it can be done. In this article I’ll explain how to engage in Twitter chats as your business, so you can grow your network.

It’s uncommon to find people in the modern world who don’t have social media accounts, yet organizations still struggle with how to effectively use social media for business. Many look to hire millennials to build and run a new social media program.

“Don’t sound like everyone else,” says the Content Marketing Institute. I couldn't agree more. It may not be easy to determine your non-speaking voice, CMI agrees, but there are ways to help you decide. Think about how you project yourself to your customers.

Link building has been known as an SEO strategy to gain backlinks from reputable websites. As a practice, it has received negative reaction mainly because of the link builders who do it incorrectly. Instead of going for sustainable but difficult to achieve backlinks, they resort to quick, easy, b