Only 40 percent of Pinterest employees are women, even though the majority of the company’s users are female, according to a report released by Pinterest Thursday.

Silicon Valley's most promising tech companies are proving what everyone already suspected — that tech has a diversity problemPinterest is the latest tech company to unveil its employee demographics, which look similar to other companies in the area: mostly white, mostly male.See also: 'You're No

What exactly does Facebook have up its sleeve?An ad for a new app called Bolt mysteriously appeared on Instagram on Wednesday.

Facebook is worth more than Amazon. Following yesterday’s earnings report, Facebook shares hit an all-time high in after-hours trading at $75. Price has been very stable this morning as well, confirming yesterday’s pop. Shares opened at $75.96 a share, then set a new record at $76.74.

You would think that combining a health and fitness app with social networking features had kinda been done for a while. Strava has a sort of network where I can follow my friends’ runs. And other apps have similar features.

Marketing teams around the world are pushing the digital agenda. The better among them are scratching their heads about the ROI, how to create an effective integrated campaign and where to find the best talent. The answers are far from easy.

In a world where all of our online actions can be recorded, the abil­ity to have a reg­u­lar con­ver­sa­tion dig­i­tally is a refresh­ing change. If you go out for cof­fee with a friend, you don’t need to worry that every­thing you say is being recorded for all time.

With the rapid growth of digital consumption and what seems like daily proliferation of social media channels, marketers are faced with more choices than ever when considering how they want to reach the consumer.

According to a recent SiriusDecisions survey, only 16% of B2B companies use marketing automation, and many companies using some form of automation focus their efforts on less advanced areas, like email marketing and landing pages.

Unless you live under a rock and/or rarely utilize God’s greatest gift to this earth, otherwise known as the Internet, you know by now that content marketing is KEY.