Become the queen of Instagram like Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is the absolute queen of Instagram. And we do not say it, it is said by the more than 129,000,000 followers that the artist has on this social network in which the image is the great protagonist. The former Disney girl is ahead of her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, or her great bosom friend, Taylor Swift. But what makes her so special that so many people from all over the planet bookmark each of the images that she uploads to her account? What is there in her publications that does not exist in that of other artists or Hollywood characters? We have analyzed the photos of her profile one by one and we give you the artist’s best tricks -plus some extra ones- so that you can quickly increase your followers and win the title of queen of instagram. Will you be able to overthrow Sale herself with these tips? Become the queen of Instagram!

Become the queen of Instagram with these tips

  1. Have your mobile handy, open the camera and start putting into practice the tips that will make you shine like nobody else on the social network of the moment. Ready?
  2. First of all, naturalness. Uploading a posturing photo is fine, but the images that work best are those that show you doing everyday things.
  3. An image is worth a thousand words, but there will be times when you come across such powerful phrases in your day to day that your image will not be necessary, but it will move something within your followers.
  4. A trip to the past. Who does not like to see the before and after of a celebrity, a friend or a relative? Selena does it too and it works great for her, why don’t you try it too?
  5. Of course, social networks serve to publicize one’s work, in the case of the artist, her concert tour or her clothing brands, but they can also be of great help to show other realities or to support charitable causes.
  6. Many times we are extremely lazy to read and we prefer that they tell us whatever it is in a video. That is why the singer often uploads news in video format. Do you dare too?
  7. And, since she knows that her fans are the reason for her existence and the ones that have made her become the queen of instagram, whenever she has the opportunity, she posts a photo with them.
  8. And lastly, be yourself. Only respecting oneself, loving and accepting oneself reaches the hearts of others. Oh, and of course, be consistent. You can’t just show up on Instagram one day and upload five photos and not post anything again for a month. You owe it to your “audience”. Become the queen of Instagram NOW!

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