6 original ways to congratulate Christmas and the New Year on Tik Tok

Every year the issue of congratulating Christmas becomes a little more complicated for us. Before, it was worth it with a call or a small message, but now that is not enough and we must also take social networks into account: congratulate our contacts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest; send WhatsApp’s; wish our Tik Tok followers a good New Year… However, if you create a good greeting that you can send to everyone, you will comply and you will not eat your head too much, because you can use it both for your social networks and for your more personal contacts.

There are many phrases or videos that we can create to congratulate Christmas or the New Year. In fact, there is an application that has become very famous in recent years and that allows us a multitude of options to create our photos or videos. Surely you have heard of Tik Tok! This app allows us to generate videos with transitions, music and very funny effects, so we encourage you to try making your Christmas greetings with this method. I’m sure the result is great! Do you know how you can do it? Do you need ideas? In this article we tell you 6 original ways to congratulate Christmas and the New Year on Tik Tok. Let’s go there!

Ideas to record your Christmas greetings on Tik Tok

Play with the cameras

As you know, Tik Tok has the option to switch cameras while recording. Take advantage of the different transitions that the application has and play with both cameras to set up your congratulations. Perhaps you can be talking about Christmas and suddenly, you change the camera and your whole family is behind it, a decorated tree or even your pet dressed up for Christmas.

play with speed

One of the buttons that Tik Tok offers us and that gives dynamism to our videos is the speed change button. You can speed up or slow down the image as much as you want and, thus, your video will be more fun. This can be used to laugh at the more “difficult” moments of Christmas (for example, a dinner with your in-laws in slow motion) or at the funniest (for example, a party with colleagues).

Play with music and audio

This application (like most, right now) only allows us to play 15 seconds of music, although we can record 60 seconds of video. This option, precisely, is the one that can give us options to congratulate Christmas in an original way on Tik Tok. Take a few seconds to speak and add Christmas carols or music at the end.

Create your Christmas video with photos on Tik Tok

If you don’t handle the application much and you’re in a hurry, this option is great. These are predetermined videos, with transitions already included, in which you will only have to insert your different photos. Tik Tok will create the presentation for you by itself. Of course, worry about taking some photos according to your Christmas greetings 😉

Use the reverse video option

If you consider yourself an original person with good ideas, this video could be one of the best you can create. The app gives you the option to turn your video upside down. Therefore, the end of your recording will be the beginning of the video and the beginning of your recording will be the end of your video. If you are able to plan a small video so that, recorded in reverse, it is funny, we are sure that you will succeed this Christmas with it!

Mix and try until you get your best Christmas greeting on Tik Tok

Our recommendation for the final video to be perfect is that you mix several effects that we just talked about, but be careful! You don’t want to put them all in at once or it will be too overloaded. In the end, as in everything, this is trying and seeing results. Surely you find the one that best suits you and the result will be a great Christmas greeting.

And you? Are you going to use Tik Tok to congratulate Christmas and the New Year? How are you going to do it? Tell us all your ideas in the comments! We read you!

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