Intimacy Tricks to Flirt on Snapchat

Gone are those flirting strategies that involved having to go out and meet people. It is true that it is a strategy that works well, but people have become more comfortable. Currently, and thanks to technology, we feel more secure meeting people through the Internet to be able to assess if we really like them and it is worth leaving home to meet them or if it is better to continue looking for people to find love or hang out. New technologies and social networks allow us to do this, but now apps like Snapchat can also help you flirt.

Why not take advantage of the app of the moment? Snapchat rises like foam and it is not for less since the fact that the photos or videos that are sent have an expiration date… they self- destruct within a few seconds of opening the message! And this makes users feel totally hooked.

But of course, it is possible that you have someone in your contact list that makes you lose sleep but you don’t dare to flirt face to face, because you can always break the ice with Snapchat! Or maybe you have a guy interested and you feel like playing and having fun to flirt with him a bit… of course! Next I am going to give you some intimacy tricks to flirt on Snapchat.

Tricks to flirt on Snapchat 

  1. Be careful what you send. Even if you really feel like sending a very hot photo, it better be hinting but not showing too much! Remember that the photos you send self-destruct but if the user you send the photo to is fast, they can take a screenshot and have the image saved on their terminal for as long as they want, so do it with caution!
  2. Be spontaneous. What I like most about this application is the spontaneity, so don’t try to prepare very sophisticated poses that border on the ridiculous. Try to be natural and take photos that, in addition to taking them spontaneously, leave a lot to the imagination.
  3. Insinuate but don’t show. So that you can really flirt on Snapchat you can hint but never show. Men are very visual beings and they would like to see a sexy girl more than to see your whole body naked… then you won’t be leaving anything a mystery!
  4. Have fun. Remember that the Snapchat application is above all to have fun and have a good time, do not send things that you later regret, to be spontaneous it is not necessary to be too aggressive. You can be natural, simple… and yourself!

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