Be careful with WhatsApp! The Problems of Sending Photos

You may like the idea of ​​sending photos by WhatsApp to your contacts so that you can share your favorite images and be able to enjoy and comment on your photos. But of course, it is not easy to know to whom you can send photos by WhatsApp and to whom you cannot. It is possible that you have trusted friends and contacts to whom you do not hesitate to send photos because you know that they are trustworthy people and that nothing will happen.

WhatsApp photos and their privacy dangers

But of course, it is also possible that you have people in your contacts with whom you do not have so much confidence and in this sense, it is better that you think carefully about who you send photos to so that later you do not get upset. It doesn’t matter if the photos are of you with clothes on, topless, if they are family or of your children… you should know who to send photos to on WhatsApp and who better to avoid it.

-Beware of WhatsApp groups: Surely you have different groups with different people in your WhatsApp. For example, you can have a group with your colleagues from the office, another group with your lifelong friends, another with people you know from the gym, another with your cousins, another with your brothers… You can have many groups! But before sending a photo to a group, think carefully about who the people in the group are, because I don’t think a person from the office or someone you hardly know from the gym would be very interested in a photo of you with your parents and siblings.

-Think twice: Not only will you have to think carefully before “sending”, but you will also have to think about whether that photograph is important to send to that person or not. For example, if you have a photo of your parents, you might send it to your brother or uncles and they might like it, but do you really want to send that photo of your parents to your childhood friends? Or imagine that you have a very sexy photo on the beach… are you sure you want to send it to someone in the office so that later that image starts to be everywhere? Better think if the person who is going to receive the photo is trustworthy and if they are really interested in the image.

-Beware of hot photos: If you are one of the women who likes to take hot photos, then try to keep the photos well stored to avoid intimacy problems. Can you imagine that you send a spicy photo to the group of cousins ​​you have on WhatsApp? What a shame! You will even have to think very hard before sending these types of images to anyone, even your boyfriend! This will prevent other people from seeing them…

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