7 faces to forget

There are people who like to pose in photos and there are others who directly opt -either intentionally or unintentionally- for the destruction of any beauty that the ideologue of the composition could claim. This can give rise to a series of images that oscillate between hilarity and embarrassment. And worst of all, they always end up on the internet, within the reach of couples, family or bosses.

Silly face

Taking advantage of a situation in which a large number of people are framed is not going to free you from analytical gazes. Yes, those that end up finding even the slightest wrinkle in your recently ironed shirt.

Lemon face

The mothers insist that we eat a lot of fruit, of course. But not before taking a picture of us, much less if it is a lemon. What ideas.

Anti-flirt face

Many times we cannot have a drink in peace without the typical heavy approaching to try to flirt with us. For this reason, we have to devise complex tricks that manage to drive them away. At least for a while.

Face swap

Words are unnecessary. If you put that mask to make yourself funny, you deserve the montage. Next time think better.

Happy faces

And there is nothing more comforting than a neighbor’s complicit smile when you run into him on the street on your way to work.

Concentration faces

Soccer is a very stressful sport. Organize the tactics, the substitutions after the break or the possible disposition of the players in the event of an expulsion, right, Mou?

Face of circumstances

Adverse weather events can ruin that pose we’ve been practicing all morning to get the attention of our contacts on Facebook.

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