Facebook: How to prevent your parents from seeing your party photos

Time is passing and you have to update or die, that’s what your parents must have thought when they decided it was time to have a Facebook account. Resuming old friends, gossiping with old schoolmates, or simply connecting with family, these are some of the reasons they give you to ask you to help them with their profile, but, in reality, don’t kid yourself, they’re not looking for nothing else to gossip and control you.

And, to top it off, they tell you, will you have to add me, no? At that moment your world comes crashing down. You get nervous and how can you get out of the way: If I do it later, now I’m going to go running! and you come out crawling determined to hide wondering since when have I given up running? You look at your profile and you go checking like crazy what photos you have, comments from your boy or dirty things from your friends that, although they are funny to you, your father would not do a bit.

Tips to hide your party photos on Facebook

  • When you are reviewing everything published since the beginning of time, you realize that there is a lot of content that would make your parents angry just looking at it. What do you do, delete it? Don’t worry, you don’t have to, there are some tricks to prevent your parents from seeing your party photos.
  • For future occasions, every time you go to publish make sure to edit the privacy and give it to personalized, once there you only have to include the names of all your relatives in the section not to share this with… well, who is it with? To be! with my parents! I know it’s a pain in the ass but you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to achieve your big goal, to be the daddy’s girl they think you are.
  • With the rest of the things already published, you have no choice but to do the same thing as a roadrunner once you have accepted him as a friend. Look on the bright side, he is inexperienced and still doesn’t even know how to change his profile photo, let alone review your post history.
  • The other option is to cut your losses. You can always tell him that you have decided to delete your account because you are not one of those who need to have your mobile in hand all day, even if you do not detach yourself from it, or that you want to protect your privacy, despite the fact that you publish every movement you make. But it has a trick, so that he can’t locate you by name, email, or affectionate nickname, you’ll have to search for him and block him immediately.
  • And it is that your party photos have fabric and if your father sees you giving it your all with your friends standing on a platform with a glass in hand, he can make a big mess and you know it. The best thing is that you take away the idea of ​​creating a Facebook account, tell him how complicated it is and you will see how he goes from the subject.
  1. Step 1: Edit privacy of a photo on Facebook
  2. Step 2: Edit privacy of a photo on Facebook
  3. Step 3: Edit privacy of a photo on Facebook

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