Find out if your ex has unfollowed you on social networks with these apps

The issue of social networks when a relationship ends is something very complicated and controversial at the same time. Some will choose to completely cut their ex out of their lives and hit the “unfollow” button without a second thought. Others, on the contrary, will choose to continue stalking that person who one day occupied her whole heart.

No matter which side you belong to, surely you have ever been curious to know if that person you loved so much in the past continues to be interested in your life and follows all your steps through your posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In this article we have done some research and we have discovered several apps that will help you find out. Find out right now if your ex has unfollowed you on social networks!

Has your ex unfollowed you on social media?

Find out who unfollowed you on Twitter

  1. The verb “to follow” has long ago acquired a completely different meaning than it had before. Today the phrase “X is following you” does not imply a sinister or pejorative character as if someone were following us on the street, but quite the opposite: we love being followed, we want them to follow us because that is synonymous with social success.
  2. With the following tools and mobile applications, you will be able to know at all times who follows you or unfollows you on Twitter:
  3. Just unfollow: This is one of the best tools to find out who has unfollowed us on the little bird’s social network. You only have to synchronize the application with your account and you will instantly know a million pieces of information: your current followers, the profiles that have never followed you and the profiles that have stopped following you.
  4. Twitnerd: With this tool you will not only know who has unfollowed you on Twitter, you will also be able to find out which profiles have marked your tweets the most times as favorites and you will be able to know in depth the analytics of your mentions.
  5. Find Unfollowers: This app is only available for Apple. With it you can link your account and discover who has unfollowed you. In addition, you have the possibility to automatically unfollow those who do not follow you.

Find out who unfollowed you on Facebook

  1. Facebook is another of those social networks that occupy a large part of our time and our day to day. The more followers we have in Mark Zuckerberg’s empire, the more popular we will be. Of course, we cannot allow anyone to unfollow us: not even that boy we were dating for a while and that we have now sent to fry asparagus, nor that friend with whom we have had the brawl of the century…
  2. If you want to know who is following you and who has unfollowed you on Facebook, take note of these apps!
  3. Who Deleted Me on Facebook: Once you sign up, this app will record your friends list and in the future if any of your contacts delete you, it will send you a notification. Of course, you will only be able to see who deletes you after installing the app, not the previous ones.

Find out who unfollowed you on Instagram

  1. Would it be a real drama for you if your ex stopped following you on Instagram? Don’t worry, with these applications you can find out instantly if someone “unfollows” you.
  2. Unfollowers: To use this application, you have to sign up for the free plan for beginners, add your web account and fill in the details. You can choose to click on ‘New unfollowers’ or go directly to settings to receive a daily or weekly email which will reveal who has unfollowed you on Instagram. It will only show you those users who have unfollowed you after joining the service.
  3. Instafollow: This app is one of the most popular for managing Instagram accounts and allows us to know who has unfollowed us, who has recently followed us and even who has blocked us.
  4. Reports+: This free app is the one that provides us with the most information about the movements of our Instagram account. With it we can carry out an analysis of our account, track the growth or loss of followers, quickly access the users who have unfollowed us, contact our followers, check which people we follow but do not follow us…

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