How to Flirt on the Work Computer and nobody knows

It is possible that your home computer has broken down and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to flirt with that guy who is hanging around you virtually, but of course… how can you do it? The only computer you have available is the one at work and you already know that it is somewhat complicated to do it during working hours, right? Don’t worry, because if your computer has crashed or you simply want to use your work PC to flirt because it works fine and you don’t want anyone to find out… follow these tips!

How to flirt with the work pc and nobody finds out

  • Do it outside of your working hours. The best way to flirt on the work PC and that nobody finds out -and that nobody can say anything bad about you, such as that you are irresponsible for not working during your working time-, is to do it during the hours you have free. You can arrive at work a little earlier to use the computer or if you have the possibility, wait for everyone to leave to stay a little longer. You can always say that you have a lot of work to do and that you are staying to do it, who can suspect like that? Nobody!
  • Be efficient at your work but take short ‘breaks’. Can you imagine that you are working and suddenly you realize that that guy who drives you crazy is online? You may not want to miss the opportunity to talk to him so you will have to figure out how to get it. The best way is to have an internet tab for whatever you’re working on but have another minimized window to talk to that special guy. So if someone approaches while you are chatting with that person you can quickly minimize and continue with your work.
  • Do it when you don’t have partners snooping around. If you want to flirt on your work PC and you don’t want anyone to see you, do it as long as you don’t have anyone around you during working hours. Can you imagine that a partner is stressed and sees you laughing because you are flirting? Envy is bad and I could tell the manager, be careful!
  • And if you want to flirt with someone from work? If what you want is to use your work PC to flirt with a colleague… it’s a good tool! You can leave him post-its -windows offers you the possibility of putting them- on the screen with messages that you want to tell him and reduce them in size so that when he extends them he can see what you want to say… he will be speechless!

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