How to Flirt on WhatsApp without Leaving a Trace

Thanks to the new technologies, flirting has become much easier, now it is not necessary to look at your face to say what you think or to comment on spicy things… of course, that is what you have to be behind a screen and feel brave to say everything that comes to mind, whether you regret it later or not. WhatsApp has become a great social tool for communication between people, and of course, also to be able to flirt with others when we are not brave enough to do it face to face.

But do not worry if it happens to you that it is currently the most normal thing in the world, so you may be interested in knowing some tricks to be able to flirt without leaving a trace. It is possible that if you want to flirt without leaving a trace, it is because you have a partner but you like to flirt with others, because you don’t want your mother to find out, or perhaps because you have a “too” gossipy friend and you don’t feel like anything that knows if you flirt or stop dating. flirt by WhatsApp… or for any other reason!

But how to flirt without leaving a trace? Do not miss the following recommendations:

  1. Clear the chat history. But don’t just delete the screen history of your mobile, if you really don’t want to leave a trace, you’ll have to delete the entire conversation history. In addition to freeing up space on your mobile, you will be protecting your privacy and you will feel more free every time you feel like flirting with that cute boy. To delete it you will have to open the chat conversation, go to settings, click on the “more” option and then “empty chat”. Then you will see a confirmation screen that you must accept and the conversation history will have been deleted without a trace.
  2. Have another mobile. This option may be the least successful, but if you don’t want to delete your conversations because you enjoy reading them over and over again… then you can have a secret mobile with a different number so you can flirt with whoever you want without leaving any trace.
  3. Change the name of the contact. If you want to flirt with a boy without your mother finding out that you are chatting with a boy on WhatsApp… then one option is to change the name to that of a friend of yours. That way no one will know who you are really talking to.
  4. Disguise when you’re with someone. Maybe you start chatting on WhatsApp almost unexpectedly when you’re with someone (like watching a movie with your parents on a Saturday afternoon…), because at those times the best idea is to hide when you start chatting with him. And when you finish the conversation… remember to delete the history!

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