How to Preserve your Privacy on Social Media?

If you like social networks, you probably like being in contact with other people, but this does not mean that you should show your entire personal life to everyone. You have to be very careful with the personal information you share since you never know how far it can go and what other people can do with that information. In this sense, it is very important that you preserve your privacy on social networks, but do you know how to do it?

Tips to preserve your privacy on social media

  • Don’t share everything. Social networking means opening and sharing information online with others, but there is some information that you should not share with other people. Don’t share too much information to prevent identity theft and to protect your physical safety. Never share your social security number, or your date of birth, or your personal phone number or address where you live. Also, do not share information about bank accounts or other personal numbers.
  • Set privacy. Social networks are giving more and more control to users over privacy settings, so don’t assume that the settings are on their own. You will have to take a look at the settings, the privacy settings sections and see what options you have to limit who and what groups can see your personal information.
  • Never trust. There are many reasons why someone might want to impersonate their identity online so you should never trust someone who asks you for a friend request and you don’t know who they are. Never accept someone you don’t know.
  • It is better to have few friends on social networks. It is better to have few friends on social networks and that you know that you can share what you want with them. Remember that the privacy settings of your friends can also directly affect you, so if you do not want to appear in photographs and that third parties see you, you will have to expressly request it.

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