How to get the best insta-foodie?

The revolution for the perfect selfie has given way to the fever to get the best insta-foddie on the fashionable social network. And it doesn’t matter if your account is dedicated to eating a healthy diet, showing your best cooking recipes or your theme is more personal… everyone wants to have an insta-foodie that goes viral!

How to get the best insta-foodie?

A picture is worth a thousand words and when we talk about food, much more. Are you one of those who photographs everything that passes in front of your eyes? Do you consider yourself a social media addict? Is Instagram your favorite social network? Is food a pleasure for you? Take note of the following tips to get the best insta-foodie.

Butt color

Because there is nothing more attractive to the human eye than those images where strong and vivid colors predominate, mixed with softer ones.

Insta-foodies irresistible! 

You can work on a dessert that is delicious, appetizing, irresistible, but if you also manage to transmit all those sensations through the lens of your camera, you will be a real hit!

Capturing details

But there will also be days when you are less creative and simply want to show what your food is. Forward! Uploading a photo, for example, of a freshly baked pizza where melted cheese can be seen can also be a point in your favor.

Insta-foodie with plugins

And since not everything is going to be rich desserts or delicious starters, we recommend that from time to time your photos also show those accessories that you need to prepare your dishes, such as a fork, a plate, a glass or something props type a napkin ring.

Importance of light 

Good photographers always place a lot of emphasis on the issue of light, so we recommend that you take great care of this detail. Good lighting can catapult you to success.

Insta-foddie outdoors

And since not everything will be photos of your dishes inside your house or a restaurant, you will love this option. Take advantage of the light in your city or town, take your drink, appetizer or food out to your terrace and… you will have an insta-foodie worthy of an award!

Imperfect insta-foodie

In imperfection is often the magic of an image. Don’t be overwhelmed by uploading a photo to your Instagram with the hamburger bun smashed, the wrinkled tomato, or the sauce spread all over the plate… Believe it or not, those little details can make you achieve the best insta-foodie.

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