Delete the History of your Secrets so that your boss does not catch you

Whoever says that at work they have never entered entertainment pages on the Internet is lying. If you say so… maybe you’re lying too. Who can raise their hand to say that they have never been on Facebook or Twitter for a minute from the company computer? You can always find boring moments of not knowing what to do, especially right after eating when there is still a while to start working but you don’t have time to go anywhere. Come on, don’t worry, this is between us.

As long as going on the Internet does not harm your work productivity, in principle nothing has to happen, but of course, as long as your boss does not catch you. If your boss catches the history of your secrets on the Internet, it’s normal for you to get nervous… because he will think that you don’t work as you should (even if you do), and worst of all… he will be able to gossip about your things and your secrets! And that can’t be, come on, you have to avoid it at all costs.

How to delete your work history so your boss doesn’t see you? 

That although it is not entirely appropriate to go online during working hours, if you do it you have to be a little smarter and try that at least if you do it, you do not get caught. You must remember that when you browse the Internet if you do not delete what you have done in the history, everything will be recorded, and everything means, everything!

Normally there is a way to delete Internet history that is to do it quickly through a combination of keys;

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Del to open the “delete browsing history” window
  • You will have to select the boxes you want to delete and you will have to click delete, as simple as this!

But you also have another less fast way to delete (and that is less convenient for you knowing that you have a stalker boss), which is to delete the history through the tools. All browsers have the possibility to do so, you will only have to go to tools, security and delete browsing history, but if you do not want to delete cookies or other files from favorite websites you will have to keep them.

From now on don’t risk it with your boss! Don’t let your secrets get caught because of your browsing history! And of course, never give up saving your passwords!

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