How to make a woman laugh on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp can cause problems and give us headaches, on some occasions. However, in others it can be a great ally to help us conquer a possible partner. With this application you can meet and make yourself known, fall in love, make people cry and also make them laugh.

There is no doubt that, as a tool, it can be a great ally, but do you know how to use it? Do you know what phrases to use to make a woman laugh on the screen?

If the answer is yes, congratulations! You have a great asset won and in your favor to use it when you need it most. But if, on the contrary, you doubt a lot about how to do it, in this article we are going to give you some infallible advice that will make this app your inseparable friend.

What can I make a woman laugh with on WhatsApp?

The first thing to be clear about is that each conversation (like each person) is a world. The second thing is that there is nothing like being yourself to make it as real as possible.

However, it never hurts to help you with some tips that will help you on occasions when you want to draw smiles (or laughter) on the person who reads to you.

With a meme

It is a classic. Do not forward foolishly, think carefully about the person who is going to receive it and that they really find it funny. It can be something current (pay attention to our advice a little below!), one that has to do with a conversation you have had, (if you don’t get it, you can look it up on the Internet ;-)) or one that, by itself Alone and out of the blue, I remind you of her.

Be careful, especially if you don’t know her very well yet! Our advice is that you do not get involved in lurid topics of politics or religion, at least for the moment. It is not going to be that, instead of making her laugh, things get a little tense.

Don’t be conventional, answer something funny

Most of the answers in a conversation are normal and fast but, if you give it one more turn, you can answer something that is not expected, funny, a little playful or good vibes, that makes her pique, laugh and answer you with something similar.

Throw the rod

If there is chemistry between you, letting him know that you like him in a fun way will be a point in your favor! We are not talking about the typical compliment more heard than the bells on a Sunday, we are talking about a witty one that cannot be resisted: “Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to go through again?”

Voice message

Attention to this! In itself, a voice message (short, let’s not go too far), always like it. Listening to the voice of the person writing to you makes the conversation closer. But if, in addition, in that recording you let out a sincere laugh or a real laugh (let’s not start pretending) that accompanies the message, he can’t help but laugh with you!

A picture of yourself

We are not talking about the typical selfie sitting on the sofa but about a funny situation. Have you started ironing and burned a shirt? Are you cooking and you don’t like anything? Have you come across something that reminds you of a conversation you had? An unexpected image with a face of circumstances, with an original gesture or a grimace will undoubtedly cause her to burst out laughing and, from there, the conversation will flow even more.

After these ideas you have to have one thing clear and that is that, in the end, naturalness wins by a landslide, do not force things and try to make them funny because they really come out that way. That way everything will be fine.

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