Memes that confirm some clichés about women

Luckily, there are many clichés about men and women that don’t hold true. But others, although we refuse to recognize it in front of the masculine gender, appear from time to time. These memes summarize some of those little peculiarities of our psychology.

A shoe for every occasion, of course!

There is always room for one more pair of shoes in the closet, and if not, the time has come to change the closet. Men will never understand that the gym and a party require different footwear, that’s how it goes.

I want this, no, that…

Changing your mind is very healthy, no matter how much men don’t understand us. If you don’t learn what you need, maybe what you have to change is your relationship. Don’t let him make you think you’re crazy.

Women do not know how to choose a partner

That tender, kind, romantic boy who always listens to you… yes, the one who will only be your friend. Meanwhile, the one who ignores you is the one who makes you dream. But then we complain, of course.

Jealous me?

Office mate, childhood friends… no one is safe from your radar when they get too close to your boy, but you always have to preserve your dignity and hide your jealousy until the last moment, that would be more.

We’re not that complicated, are we?

Women have a reputation for being complicated and indecisive. Is it not rather that men are incapable of understanding signs and hints? After all, this sentence could also be dedicated to them.

The true dream of women is…

Men give themselves too much importance and believe they are the center of our universe. But if you were given a choice between Brad Pitt or living without dieting, wouldn’t you rather forget about salads? Well that.

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