My ex has Uploaded a nude Photo of me Online: what can I do?

A man who is spiteful and with resentment in his veins can do things that he may later regret, such as uploading a nude photo of you on the Internet. Can you imagine such a situation? Without a doubt, it is a situation that is better not to think about, but what happens when you find it? That is to say, one day you are browsing the Internet so calmly when suddenly you see that your ex in a moment of maximum rancor has uploaded a nude photo of you on the Internet, and the worst thing is that he has likes and comments! What can you do right now? Do you send him an angry WhatsApp or do you better think what you can do?

What to do if your ex uploads a nude photo of you online

  • You can kindly ask him to remove it. You can call your ex and kindly ask him to remove that photo of you from the Internet, if he does not agree to the good ones you can tell him -even if you don’t- that you can also upload a photo of him in the same circumstances and even paper the entire city if he does lack. But of course, it is not necessary to go to those extremes.
  • Get into their account and delete it yourself. While it’s not very ethical to break into another person’s account, it’s also not ethical to post a nude photo of someone on social media just out of spite. So if you still remember his passwords in the event that you gave them to you at the time -and he hasn’t changed them-, enter and press ‘delete’.
  • Report as inappropriate content. If you report on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks that the content of that image is inappropriate, they will remove it. All social networks have the option that you can report an inappropriate photo so that they can remove it.
  • Contact the webmaster of the site. Perhaps your photograph is uploaded to another place, in this case you will have to contact the webmaster of the site and expressly tell him to remove the image because it violates your privacy.

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