10 lies you shouldn’t believe from people on Instagram

The perfect Instagram life is not real. Instagram

Every day it happens to you: you open Instagram, the happiest app on planet Earth, and instantly get depressed. Perfect lives, paradisiacal beaches, smiles, motivating phrases, couples in love, eternal friends… why is everything so perfect in the 2.0 era? Although we already explained that being envy of people on Instagram is not a good idea and actually makes you unhappier, it is often unavoidable. If you still want to know why you shouldn’t worry that Instagram is paradise when your life isn’t, discover the 10 most classic lies of people on this social network.

10 things that are not true on Instagram

  1. Ideal life. You know it yourself: life is not rosy, much less every day. Divine breakfasts, dreamy views, a partner, friends and your life’s work, all together in one photo? Come on, it’s the first ‘half-truth’ of many people, don’t suffer.
  2. Love. As we have already said, the happiest couples are the ones that share the fewest photos on social networks. Don’t be envious of those fairy tale proposals, those eternal kisses with sunsets, those huge bouquets of red roses… there are couples with a movie life, but others just try to pretend it.
  3. Food. Everyone makes spectacular menus from time to time, but… always? Don’t get carried away by those photos of breakfasts with perfect avocados and a thousand colors of fruit just picked from the tree. No one shares photos of some lentils from the day before and we all eat them.
  4. Friends. It is clear that the human being is sociable by nature, but from there to sharing a life worthy of Sex in New York, Girls or Friends goes a long way. Friends argue, distance themselves, make up… and they don’t always come out well in photos. Don’t give it to you with cheese.
  5. Work. Another important issue on social media is work. Just as many Internet stars seem to live off the air, many other users boast with photos only of the beautiful side of their profession. Trips, meals, after work meetings… remember that this, if true, happens in a timely manner. No one will talk about a dismissal, a fight with the boss or tensions in their day to day.
  6. Depth. Another important issue is how deep, philosophical and thoughtful people with a good filter are. Those sunsets full of feelings… are they really lived every day?
  7. Sport. Although it is clear that a healthy life is super important, unless you are a true athlete, it is difficult for you to take several hours a day to go to the gym, eat in a healthy, conscious and balanced way and have a body of scandal. Do not be carried away by the envy of those who are training every day as Victoria’s Secret models. So they only practice sports.
  8. Motivation. And of course, although it is true that you should pursue your goals and achieve your dreams, the day to day also has its setbacks. Not all that glitters are gold.
  9. Beauty. Why are people so beautiful as soon as they wake up, they lead these wonderful lives with good -and expensive- shoes, spectacular bags and outfits straight out of a fashion magazine? It’s all a matter of looking at it from a good angle, using the best filter and showing only what’s beautiful on social networks. Don’t be envy or anxious about material things.
  10. Happiness. And above all, do not let yourself be guided by that constant happiness. Happiness is instant, it is moments and it can be a perpetual time, but sometimes there are hard moments, and this is not reflected on the screen.

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