Peepers on your Facebook? Tips to Protect your Privacy

Facebook has become a point of reference for virtual social encounters, but above all to be able to discover without anyone knowing that we are looking at the lives of others. Before, if you wanted to find out how someone’s life was going, you had to ask them directly or ask third parties if you didn’t want the person in question to find out that you were interested in the events of their life. Now Facebook seems to have become that “third person” that tells you everything about others… But it can also happen to you!

That is, maybe someone is looking at your privacy and finding out all your things because they look at what you post and you don’t even know. That’s a bummer because really, do you want the whole world to know about your life? Do you want your ex’s girlfriend to know how she’s doing or where you’ve spent your holidays? I’m sure not, that’s why you’ll have to start thinking about how to control and protect your privacy on Facebook, no more peepers! Starting today you will start sharing your stuff with those who really want to share it.

Tips to protect your privacy on Facebook

  • Delete those friends who are not friends. Yes, it has happened to you too. We all have friends on Facebook who, since they sound familiar to us, we accept their friendship and thus increase the number of friends and seem more social. Well, this is as silly as a castle, because it’s better to have few friends and that only they know about your life because they really are loved ones, than to even have your cousin’s neighbor that you saw once on the beach… You have to start prioritizing Facebook friends. Do you start now?
  • Set your privacy to ‘friends only’. If you have Facebook privacy set to ‘public’ or ‘friends of my friends’, chances are people you don’t know are watching your whole life. Is it worth it for them to know where you went this weekend or when is your birthday? Don’t let others gossip about your life and keep everything you share ‘friends only’ private. This way you will be making sure that only your friends can see what you share with them, and with no one else!
  • And above all… don’t share your whole life on Facebook as if it were a diary! Keep a bit of mystery in your life, and if someone wants to know anything else… ask you directly instead of hiding behind a screen!

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