WhatsApp has fallen: and now how do I communicate?

Every time WhatsApp stops working, the world shakes. When instead of the typical double check, the dreaded little clock appears for more than 10 seconds, it is inevitable to feel a small itch in the gut of uncertainty. The challenge is set. WhatsApp has fallen: and now how do I communicate? This is the process that the most addicted to this messaging application go through.

WhatsApp is down, what now?

Step 1: confirm the bad news

Ok, it’s a fact: your message does not get out of your mobile. After waiting a few seconds to see if it’s because of the coverage and verifying that it’s not that the Wi-Fi has stopped working, you panic. Take a deep breath! Stop restarting your mobile like crazy or turning airplane mode on and off. WhatsApp may have gone down.

But how can it be!? You need to confirm the news to control the panic. Surely your mother is talking to you, your boss has something very important to tell you, your friend needs your help to solve her drama, your boyfriend is proposing to you… And you are missing it because WhatsApp has gone down.

What are you doing? Go to Twitter! Don’t worry, you won’t be the first or the last to use this social network to see what’s going on. There is a very high probability that the word ‘WhatsApp’ is among the trending topics.

Now you have to assimilate the news

Everyone is talking about WhatsApp being down and you, of course, join the global conversation. You are entering the first phase: assimilating that you will not be able to use this messaging service for an indefinite period of time. It can be minutes or it can be hours… And now how do I communicate?

Raise your head from the mobile

Now that you know that the fall of WhatsApp is a reality, the most difficult moment has arrived: raise your head from your mobile! Before your eyes will appear a world that you abandoned the day you installed this application on your mobile. Why don’t you get to talk to those around you face to face? Come on, take advantage of the fact that you now have an excuse and chat for a while in the old-fashioned way.

Alternatives if WhatsApp has fallen

If you are not convinced by direct human contact, you will always have some alternatives to WhatsApp. Do you remember the SMS? Bring back the art of letter contraction and send one of those almost indecipherable messages we used to send before characters stopped being so important (except on Twitter).

Calling is a bit lazy because we have lost the habit, but it can be a great option if what you want is to tell how your weekend has gone. If you think about it, a phone call is something like a voice note but without having to wait a long time for your friend to stop being ‘so busy’. The thing about calling a landline is a bit old-fashioned, but we assure you that it still works.

We are not going to ask you to learn the message of the smoke signals, but if WhatsApp is down, you can always send an email to communicate. Today, many people have it configured on their mobile and receive it instantly.

As much as you love WhatsApp, there are plenty of other apps that contain instant messaging services, like Facebook Messenger or Instagram direct messages, for example. But other names like Telegram, Viber or WeChat may sound familiar to you.

WhatsApp is working again

Now that you’ve gotten the hang of talking in person or calling by phone, WhatsApp goes and it works again… So much nervousness and you haven’t even realized it’s back? You didn’t have a single message waiting for you…

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