Privacy on the Internet and Social Networks

Each and every one of us likes to have our privacy in real life and surely you are also a person who protects your privacy tooth and nail, because what would life be like without having a minimum of privacy? It really is something that we must protect because it is ours and nobody else’s. But with intimacy on the Internet, it happens exactly the same, but there are people who seem to forget this and leave a window open to their life so that the whole world knows about it, even if they are people who don’t know anything!

There are people who post on Facebook and even Twitter everything they do or don’t do, if they are going on a trip or if they have already returned, if they have photos to show of the fantastic weekend they spent in a hotel on the coast. well, surely you are getting an idea of ​​what these lines mean. This is a big problem because for example, if you say that you are going on vacation, the burglars will know that your house will be unprotected! If you upload a slightly hotter than usual photo, do you really want the whole world to see that?

The privacy of your secrets on the Internet

  • It is important that to take care of your privacy on the Internet you do not shout to the four winds what you do or who you are with. It is true that there are people who seem to do it because they feel better that way, so that everyone can see what a wonderful social life they have… but, what is real in all that? It does not matter if it is more or less real, what matters is that you are aware that your privacy on the Internet is worth much more. So if you want to share your photos from the weekend, at least set the privacy settings so people you don’t even know won’t see them, don’t you think?
  • Another fundamental aspect in terms of Internet privacy is passwords. Does anyone know your passwords to your social networks and even to your bank web account? No one should know about them! If your mother or your partner knows your passwords, who makes sure that one impulse day they don’t get in and see things you don’t want them to see? There are certain things that it is not necessary to share, even if people love each other very much… and if they need the password to watch something, let it be with you in front of them!
  • Remember that your privacy on the Internet is just as important as your privacy in real life, do not leave a window open to your life so that people you don’t even know about you!

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