Privacy on the Internet: Situations to Avoid

Surely you are a person who uses the Internet every day almost from the time you get up until you go back to bed. If this happens to you, you should not worry since it happens to almost all people nowadays. Many people live hooked to the Internet and many others must use it every day for many reasons. It does not matter what your case is, what you should keep in mind is that if you like to sail every day or individual days, you will have to think of some situations to avoid, only in this way will you be protecting yourself and avoiding some unpleasant experiences.

Internet situations you should avoid 

On many occasions, people browse the Internet without thinking about the consequences of some things that they can do on a daily basis and that apparently do not have to be dangerous for you, but they can be. That is why when you browse the Internet you will have to try to avoid these situations starting today.

  • Take pictures from your mobile with the location set. If you have the location on your photos when you upload it to social networks, everyone will know that from the place where it was taken. Would you like the whole world to know where your child goes to school or where you are spending your holidays with your family? Keep that option disabled since you never know who might see it and what they might be able to do. Better protect your privacy and your family and deactivate the location option in the photographs.
  • Do not put on social networks that you are on vacation. This is a mistake that many people make and it is really dangerous. If you want to avoid being robbed at home, do not say that you are on vacation because you never know who may be spying on your profile on that social network. There are people who put where they are on vacation and for how long -usually for everyone to know how much fun they are having because they feel great personal insecurity-, but thieves take advantage of this information to plunder your house.
  • Put too much data. If you are on a page that asks for too much personal information – unless it is your bank and you know that this page is real and is the official one – never trust it. You will never have to put too much personal data in any place, because if they ask for your data and it is not logical that they ask for it, it could be a fraudulent page -another thing is that you are buying in an online store, then it would be normal-. Never trust the places where they ask you for the data – especially those of your credit card or your checking account.

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