Gifs of the funniest falls: female glamor, on the ground

We like to believe that women, unlike men, are a compendium of elegance and balance, but the truth is that this is not always the case. We’ve all had a trip, slip or fall that has caused us to quickly look around to make sure there were no witnesses. Unfortunately, and thanks to the number of cameras that surround us, it is not always possible:

Don’t trust your friends

You never know when they might drop you. A lesson that this girl has quickly learned, although in her case it is more than a problem of trust that there is a problem of concept.

Falling soft

We are not very clear if it is a fall, an erotic movement or an attempt to crush. What is clear is that this woman decided that if she had to fall on something, it had better be soft. Would the victim of her love survive?

The famous also fall

And if not, tell Scarlett Johansson. The beautiful actress has heart-stopping curves that sometimes even make her lose her balance. After starring in this fall, she became the target of internet ridicule and they used her image to create hundreds of montages.

Even the ones that win an Oscar

The “girlfriend of America”, Jennifer Lawrence, was the protagonist of one of the most famous falls in history, when she went up to collect the highest award of her career. Luckily, the actress took it with her usual good humor.

Be careful not to do things inappropriate for your age

The result can be disastrous. there is an age to climb mountains and another to sign up for ballroom dancing. When you don’t know how to differentiate between one and the other, you can end up trying to use your granddaughter’s scooter… without success.

Don’t try to imitate pole dancers

They are professionals, and you are not. If you’re trying to imitate a provocative and sensual dance, don’t do it in your backyard to begin with. And second, at least make sure the bar you’re going to use as a fulcrum doesn’t give way, or you’ll end up like this.

Finally, if all else fails, hide

You can hit the most spectacular (and laughable) blow in the world, but with a little cover it will be as if nothing happened. A little dance, a twist and a little jump into the pool, it’s that easy.

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