Protect your Gmail Mail: Nobody Read your Emails

Do you remember a few years ago the illusion of opening the mailbox and finding a letter? To this day, if someone sends us a letter by traditional mail, they really continue to have the same illusion because it is something that someone has bothered to send it personally. And of course, those letters that are so exciting to receive, no one can read more than their recipient. No one has to read our emails, neither traditional nor by Gmail, because that is an invasion of privacy.

The current emails are more comfortable and faster because although it is not anything physical that you can touch, you can be in contact with the people you need at any time and from anywhere. It is a new form of communication for many purposes such as advertising, private messages, work messages, sending CVs to companies and much more. Everyone uses their Gmail email as best suits them because after all it is something private.

But, how can you protect your Gmail mail so that nobody reads your emails? Do not miss the following tips.

How to protect your email account?

  • To have your Gmail email it is not necessary that you have to know a lot about computers, because knowing some notions will be more than enough.
  • Be careful where you log in. If you do not want your emails to be read, make sure to log in only from your Gmail account and only from one of your devices (tablet, laptop, computer or smartphone). If you open your session on the work computer and do not properly close your access to Gmail you will be in danger of people who have too much free time reading your emails invading your privacy, and the worst thing is that you will never find out!
  • Log out successfully. Once you have logged in on a computer or some device that is not your personal, you will have to make sure that you have closed the session correctly. Because this is like Facebook… if you open a session on a computer that is not yours and leave it open, you are leaving the door open for other people to invade your privacy, don’t take that risk!
  • Change your passwords regularly. Another piece of advice so that you can protect your Gmail, especially if you usually open it in public places or in the company of people, is to change your password regularly, so if there is a voyeur looking at your password, if they ever intend to read your emails, he won’t be able to do it because you will have changed your password in time!

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