5 problems that you did not have before being on social networks

Internet, smartphones, social networks, and WhatsApp, the queen application, have made life easier for us. We can consult any question on Google, buy trips with a single click, check the latest sales, upload photos of everything we do, and also communicate immediately and free of charge with those who are five minutes from our home or thousands of kilometers away. But we must also recognize that there are situations and problems that we would never have experienced if we did not have these weapons online.

Social networks and their problems in life 

Misunderstandings. They are non-stop nowadays. What if he has read me and has not answered me, if he has given me a bad answer, if he has ridiculed me with a photo or in front of the whole group… Misunderstandings are the order of the day, because language 2.0 has little or nothing to do with real life, where non-verbal language and a look can say much more than cold words on a screen.

Explanations. Had you given so many explanations about what you do or who you meet before having social networks? Probably not. Now, if you upload photos with friends or dedicate posts to someone in particular, another person may be offended. And what about the little phrase: ‘I already saw it on Facebook’, when you are going to tell someone about your latest plan that you did, you uploaded a couple of images to social networks.

Egocentrism. Because social networks are making us more selfish and that is a reality. Selfies, selfies, filters to look more handsome, show off our friends, our perfect life and even what we eat. Two problems that you did not have before: your egocentrism and that of others.

Many times we see those perfect lives, those beach loves and those impossible acquisitions and we are envious. An insane problem that we did not have before and that can be avoided if we de-dramatize and focus on our own lives outside of the smartphone.

Bloopers. Let the person who has never taken a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation raise their hand to send it to the group of friends. Or that they have copied the url of one of the photos uploaded to social networks to spread it as gossip. So far, all normal. But what happens when you forward to the person you’re talking to and ‘betraying’ at the same time? Sticking your head into the ground until the gale passes -for which there is no excuse- is one of the best options.

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