Ten Ways to Protect your Privacy on your Mobile

Nowadays, who does not have a mobile phone? These smartphones become a personal diary where you have images, videos, conversations and even applications that describe who you are and how you relate to the world. Basically, our mobile shows our most intimate life and that is why you must learn to protect it. Who would have a journal written without a key? You cannot have a mobile if you protect it properly!

Ways to protect your privacy on your mobile

  1. Put password. Basic and easy, you cannot have a mobile phone without a password because it would be too easy to access it and be able to know everything about you. It doesn’t matter if you always have your cell phone in your hand or in your bag, in an oversight someone could take it by mistake –or not-.
  2. put a pin The password is not the same as the pin although they seem similar. With the password you protect them from accessing your terminal but without the pin they will not even be able to turn on the mobile.
  3. Make backup copies on the computer. Another way to protect your privacy on your mobile is by making backup copies on your computer. In other words, what you should do is save all your photos and videos on your computer and delete it from your mobile, in this way you can have all your files without the danger that others will see them.
  4. Install a good antivirus -or several of them- to avoid malware or any element that could put the privacy of your mobile at risk.
  5. Do not share your password. It is necessary that you do not share your passwords with anyone, neither with your partner nor with your mother, nor with anyone!
  6. Be careful around you. When you look at your mobile or have a personal conversation with someone, it is better that you do it alone, because you never know if there will be someone behind you who is bored enough to want to watch what you are doing.
  7. Don’t leave your phone. When we feel trust with others, we think that nothing happens because they look at our phone from time to time, but it does happen. Information is power, and your privacy is yours, nobody else’s. It doesn’t matter how confident you are.
  8. Take care of your things. If you don’t take care of your belongings and leave your mobile at hand, it is likely that someone wants to steal it from you. Take good care of your things and don’t leave them anywhere.
  9. Don’t leave apps open. If you want to protect your privacy, be careful and don’t leave your applications open. If you enter Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, remember to close the session. If you leave it open it is easy for another person to read what you have on the screen.
  10. Don’t turn on notifications. If you have notifications activated, it is possible that whoever you have around you “accidentally reads” what has come to you and that it is not their concern. It is better to have it disabled and not have problems of this type.

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