The Danger of Privacy on Facebook

Who doesn’t like to take advantage of a dull moment to get on Facebook and see what’s going on? Regardless of the number of friends you have in your social network, we all like to ‘enter and look’ from time to time, even without interacting and doing nothing else. There are people who ‘enter, look and leave’ and others who ‘enter, look and stay’. It doesn’t matter how you like to use Facebook, but if you like to be involved in it, you should be aware of the privacy dangers that can befall you.

The dangers of privacy on Facebook

  • Sexting Sexting makes elementary and middle school children vulnerable as they reveal too much personal information in a way that sexual predators can find and use against them.
  • Your information is shared by third parties. If you do not have well-established privacy, it is likely that third parties are looking at information that you may prefer to keep hidden. You never know what other people may do with your personal information. Also never put personal addresses, or private telephone numbers or anything that could make you vulnerable.
  • Each new design requires a new privacy setting. And if you do not pay attention to this, it is possible that third parties are seeing information or images that you would prefer not to see. You should always check your privacy settings!
  • Your friends make you vulnerable. Sometimes someone can tag you in a photo and that person has low privacy settings and then that way it’s easier for that image to go further… without you wanting it to happen. If you do not want to appear in an image, make it clear to your friends.
  • There are fake profiles. Scammers, criminals, sex offenders, unscrupulous people, etc. Fake profiles are created on Facebook to attract the attention of others and achieve their goals.

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