Tips so that WhatsApp does not dominate your life

Probably today you would not imagine living without talking on WhatsApp with all those people with whom you communicate every day. This application has revolutionized the concept of communication, but it can also be a double-edged sword if not used wisely. We give you the definitive tricks so that you are not a slave to WhatsApp in your day to day.

Ideas for WhatsApp to be your ally and not your enemy 

Detox. Try to disconnect from the mobile when you are doing other activities. It is inevitable to check it when we work or if we are waiting for an important message, but do not let it focus all your plans: when you are with friends, at the gym, doing the shopping… Focus first on what you do and then answer those who write to you relative. Not everything that happens in life 2.0 would be such a big deal in the real world. Do not take everything you read to heart, because the tone in which it is written may not be as you are thinking in your head. Life does not end because they do not reply to a message, because they see you online or because they make a supposedly malicious comment.

Misunderstandings. In the era of the world in which more is spoken, reality is less communicated. This means that we prefer to say things to each other through a screen instead of talking on the phone if we are not close, or face to face if we live next door. Do not get carried away by cowardice and if you have something to say, express it like in the pre-WhatsApp era. Written misunderstandings are worse than spoken.

Education. Above all, never lose form. What is written on a smartphone keyboard remains forever. Think before you write, don’t take everything they tell you to heart and be polite: don’t use WhatsApp if you have an appointment or a meeting when you’re always telling those people that you want to meet them… on WhatsApp.

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