Useful iPhone Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

A mobile is a fundamental gadget in our lives. More than a complement that helps us in our day to day, it has become an extension of our own arm. We use it to stay connected to current affairs, take pictures, send WhatsApp, buy online… However, when it comes down to it, when it comes to the use of the mobile we are unaware of many functionalities. and tools that let you, for example, make your battery last longer, create shortcuts or type faster. Here are some useful iPhone tricks that will make your life much easier.

Useful and simple tricks for iPhone

My iPhone won’t charge

Rest assured because usually the solution to this is very simple. Most of the time, this problem has nothing to do with damage to the device, but rather it is due to dirt accumulated in the connector. The solution: Use a flat wooden toothpick (don’t even think about using anything metal), dip it in ethyl alcohol and move it from side to side with the tip to remove the dirt. Repeat the process several times until it is very clean inside (you can use a flashlight to check it). Try to always make the toothpick touch the top of the connector so as not to affect other parts. Once the charging port is free of debris, try connecting the charger again. It should now work and charge the battery as normal!

Free up space on your iPhone

Do you have memory problems on your iPhone? You will love this curious and magical trick to free up space on your mobile: You simply have to go to iTunes and try to rent a movie that has a long duration. For example, you can try The Lord of the Rings. Before you have to make the payment for the rental of the movie, the mobile will automatically free up part of the space that you could not delete so that you can end up renting the movie. Best of all, you finally don’t have to rent it as iTunes always double confirms before charging for it. You will only have to cancel and that’s it!

My iPhone is very slow

If lately you have noticed that your iPhone works slower than normal, it is likely that you have an excess of information stored in the cache. You will quickly see how the screen loads again, this means that the system cache has been restored. Your iPhone will start working much faster!

Point and followed

When you are writing a message, As you well know, to write the point you have to go from the alphabetic to the numeric keyboard, a task that is a bit tedious if you are writing a long text and you have to repeat this several times. However, there is a much simpler and faster way that consists of pressing the space bar twice in a row. In this way, the iPhone automatically types a period and a space and activates the caps lock leaving everything ready to start typing a new sentence.

Shortcuts without the need for apps on the iPhone 

Install and place on your home screen? No problem! You just have to create a shortcut from Safari. To do this, you have to go to the browser menu (the icon with an arrow) and click on “add to home screen”. In this way, an icon will appear on the main screen similar to those of the rest of the apps.

Charge the mobile battery much faster 

Who hasn’t this ever happened to: Wanting to leave the house, having a very low battery in the mobile phone, putting it to charge for ten minutes, but the battery progressing very slowly. There is a solution for this! for a very short time, put it in airplane mode. In this way, you will avoid spending energy on data reception and the process will be carried out up to two times faster.

Retrieve recently visited websites

If you have been visiting a certain you have closed it and at the moment you have regretted it because you want to access it again, do not worry! Apple gives you the option of recovering it in a fairly easy way: You just have to click on the menu that manages the tabs (bottom right) and then press and hold on the + icon. Ready!

Quietly read a website on your iPhone

Although the truth is that more and more web pages are adapting to the mobile version, If you come across one of these pages and you want to make it easier to read by avoiding the bulk of the content and leaving only the text and photos, you just have to go to the top left of the Safari browser where you will find an icon with several lines (it only appears if the website in question supports this function): by clicking on it, the system will purge all the content. And to read relaxed!

Select photos

The worst comes when you want to select several to delete or share. However, Apple has developed a system to save you the trouble of going one by one. All you have to do is press the “Select” button at the top right and then draw with your finger on the photos to choose so that they are selected. Easy, right?

Reach the top icons with one finger

The iPhone screen, especially since the arrival of the iPhone 6 and subsequent versions, No problem! Apple has included a simple feature whereby you can scroll the top of the screen down so that it can be managed with just one finger. To do this, you will only have to gently touch (not press) the home button twice and you will see how the entire upper part goes down.

Shake to clear text on iPhone

If you have written a text very quickly and you have made a mistake, you will not have to delete it letter by letter. And if you finally regret it and want to put it back, just shake again. Do you know this very simple trick for iPhone?

Save battery

If you’re away from home, your battery is running low, and you don’t have an external battery, a good trick is to change your display settings to grayscale or invert the colors. To do this you need to go to Settings> General> Accessibility and activate “Grayscale” or “Invert colors”. At least it will give you time to get home!


How many times have you typed a digit on the calculator, you have made a mistake in the last number and you have had to delete everything with the “C” key? Did you know that you can delete the last number simply by sliding your finger over the number screen?

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