The History in WhatsApp: the Messages that Nobody should Read

Your smartphone is like a diary with a lock, what is on it cannot be seen by anyone unless you have given permission to do so. Can you imagine your mother or any of your friends reading the conversations you have on WhatsApp? Surely Troy would burn inside and outside of you, because your WhatsApp history is yours, and no one else’s!

It is possible that you are one of those women who have typical and boring conversations or that you barely use WhatsApp to talk with your friends and that you are one of the people who prefer to call instead of writing so many messages… but this is not the normal, or at least the most common among people.

How to protect your privacy on WhatsApp?

  • Lately we are all hooked on WhatsApp and it is so much so that even important conversations are held through WhatsApp messages due to the ease it gives us to be able to express in writing those things that perhaps speaking we would not be able to express, at least coherently… especially when emotions are affected! But of course, these types of conversations are the ones that no one should read.
  • WhatsApp saves your conversation histories every day, so you can have all your conversations saved on your terminal, and even deleted messages can be easily recovered so that you can have them stored and can read them over and over again whenever you want, but of course… that only you read them!
  • And it is that WhatsApp gives so much importance to conversations that you can even share conversations with other people whom you love… something that is undoubtedly invading the privacy of other people. This only out of respect for others should be prohibited from doing.
  • One idea is that you save your conversations in a protected file so that nobody can read them and that you delete them from your smartphone every day. Although an easier way is simply… don’t leave your smartphone to just anyone! Can you imagine that the whole world read your hot messages with your boyfriend? Or your mom finding out you can’t quit smoking? Watch what you talk!

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