What to do when your Mobile is Hacked

Nowadays smartphones are almost like pocket computers, so they can also be exposed to dangerous viruses and hackers. But if one day it seems that your phone has a mind of its own and you think it does strange things, it is because it may be infected with malware that can access your private information and secretly control the phone and even steal your money through unauthorized charges. on your phone bill… a hacker would be controlling your device!

When your privacy reaches the public domain on the Internet

  • If you suddenly start noticing calls you didn’t make or text messages you didn’t send on your bill, the hacker may have caused it. Or maybe you notice that your phone acts strangely opening and closing applications, or that it writes and sends text messages… it is also possible that a hacker is controlling it. Is it possible that your battery drains strangely fast? So it may be because the hacker is running apps in the background and it makes your mobile drain battery fast.
  • If all this sounds familiar to you, you should know what to do when your mobile is hacked because you must protect your privacy at this very moment. To keep your phone safe from malware you should take proper precautions when you go to download apps or click on some places online.

What to do when your mobile is hacked

  • Keep software up to date. Hackers create the malware in their malicious applications to take advantage of the weaknesses of the operating systems, if you keep your phone updated this will minimize the problem.
  • Don’t click anywhere. Some malware comes in places that tell you to download things and it automatically downloads the malware while you think you’re downloading something else. Make sure you have safe browsing on your Smartphone.
  • Do not buy applications from third parties. When you want to download applications, always do it from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store application store. They are the safe ones.
  • Even if you think that it is not necessary because it is not a computer, it is. Download a security app so you can scan your phone so it’s better protected.

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