TikTok Name Ideas: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Nickname

TikTok has become the fashionable social network, we are not telling you anything new, right? And it is that, from now on, there are more and more users of all ages, adolescents and adults, who create a new account and a profile on said network. And, of course, one of the questions that arises the most for all of them is how to choose the perfect nickname. We come to the rescue! We give you a few name ideas for TikTok, you will see how more than one seems ideal to you.

How to choose a good nickname for the trendy social network, TikTok?

If what you are looking for is a nickname for an account that reflects your professional life, for example, Twitter or LinkedIn, the most appropriate thing is that that nickname or name is your own along with the last name or one that is as similar as possible, that is to say, if your name is Alba Martínez but it’s already taken, you can put Alba M. Now, when it comes to the most creative and musical social network in which everyone can give free rein to their imagination, things change a bit, what about? TRUE?

Therefore, the nickname you choose for your TikTok profile must be different, creative, original, unique. That attracts attention, that reflects what you are going to share and that helps you win followers and hearts. What things! This is going to be impossible! Nothing of that, dear reader, you just have to review these tips and you will leave doubts.

Choose your TikTok nickname based on the content you are going to post

Yes, okay, it’s going to be about music, but there may also be content with humorous winks, dance, and duet choreography. You can choose your nickname according to this theme, so, in addition to letting your followers see what you are going to share with them, it will not cost them anything to keep your nickname.

Play with names

Take a piece of paper that you have at home and a pen and start making puns with things that motivate you and you like, for example, musical instruments, everyday objects that make you feel good, characters from the series that you like the most. Combine some syllables with others until you find a nickname that fits you and seems original and fun. Remember that the rhyme for these cases can also be a good ally. Some users have already tried this trick, for example, @naranjamareada, @boligraforoto and @pizarrabizarra.

Let your name speak of your hobbies and interests

Think about what you want to say in your TikTok videos, who you would like to see, and what hobbies and interests you are going to focus on. Mix all this and you will be able to define your name for this social network; It seems complicated, we know, but when you get down to it you will see that it is easy. You will get a funniest name!

Humor can be your great ally

What do these names have in common for TikTok? @bananapeleona, @menteturbia, @salchichasinsal, how funny they are! And it is that humor, a sense of humor, witty winks and daring puns can be the perfect solution to the question: what do I wear on my TikTok profile?

Opt, without further ado, for your own name

If you don’t want to complicate or you can’t get it right with this pun, or in the event that you want a nickname for TikTok as real as possible, then, without further ado, put your own name followed by one or both initials of your last names It works, believe us, some of those who have the most followers have done it like this, such as @charlidamelio, @Addisonre and @lorengray.

check with your best friend

If you go shopping, do you always like to go with your best friend next to you so she can tell you if that shirt really suits you or is it better to keep looking? Well, something similar happens with the name for your TikTok account. Do not hesitate to ask her what the suggestions you have in mind appear to her, surely she will give you some wonderful idea that you have not thought of until now.

Did you know that there are even name generator apps for TikTok ? If you have run out of ideas, you can resort to them. Of course, make sure that they are official and safe applications that really help you generate a name and that they do not require personal information.

How can I call myself on TikTok? Tips to find the perfect nickname

  1. We have already seen some general considerations and suggestions that can serve as ideas when calling ourselves in this network. When you find your nickname it will have seemed the simplest thing in the world, but until then you will think that he has his one. What else should we take into account? Several tips that will come to a thousand wonders to decide
  2. Pick a short nickname. The nickname you choose for TikTok, as well as for another social network that has the same style, that is short, simple, graceful, that somehow defines you and your personality, your way of being or your way of understanding this social network.
  3. Help yourself with a paper and a pencil. Think, shuffle ideas and suggestions, discard, turn it around as necessary. Do not stay with the first one that comes to your head unless you are totally convinced. The best thing is what we told you before, write down idea after idea on a piece of paper, play with the words until you find yours.
  4. You can be inspired by what others are already doing on the social network. Who more and who less does it. But remember, it is essential for them to differentiate you on social networks and not be seen as a copy, that your name, the one you choose for yourself, has your own style, it has to be unique.
  5. Rule out hard-to-pronounce names. And, also, remember that they must be easy to read. If you want to combine uppercase, lowercase, spaces or even numbers, go ahead, but make the resulting combination easy to understand.
  6. In the event that you want your account to be viewed worldwide, a big goal, but why not? But you would like them to remember where you are from, at the end of your name you can put an underscore and, for example, ES if you are from Spain or MX if you live in Mexico.
  7. The nickname that you have on this social network can be changed. In the event that you already have a lot of followers, it will be difficult for you to take the step so that they now remember you in a different way, but if you are just starting out on this social network and you follow more people than follow you, you can try with a name and see how it works. If it’s not the right one, edit it and find a new one. A little trick that surely more than one has already used.

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