How to Protect your Privacy on WhatsApp?

I’m sure that you’ve been showing your mother a photograph and suddenly a little screen appeared with a hot message from the guy you had such a good time with last night… and your mother’s face is like a poem! Or maybe you are showing your boy something on your mobile and suddenly a screen appears with your friend talking about her surprise birthday party… and she stopped being a surprise! It is very important to protect your privacy in WhatsApp so that they are only your secrets.

And it is that in WhatsApp you can have secrets with other people, it is almost like a social diary… but like every diary, it is you who must have the key so that no one reads what does not interest them. Do not miss the seven tips!

Protect your privacy on WhatsApp

  • Turn off screen notifications. This is the first thing you have to do from now on! What is the use of being able to read the first words of the WhatsApp that has arrived? It is true that it gives you the opportunity to know what the person writing to you is talking about and thus know if it is worth reading now or leave it for later if you are busy… but it may save you a lot of trouble! If you don’t want to always have it deactivated, at least do it at family gatherings…
  • Put the mobile in airplane mode. If you are going to show photos to your mother or your boyfriend and you have things to hide… Putting your phone in airplane mode is quick and easy. They won’t be able to call or send you messages, but it will only be a moment! So there will be no problems of “unwanted readings”.
  • Delete the conversations. And forget about history! A quick and effective way to protect your privacy in WhatsApp is to delete the conversation history. I know it hurts because it would be like burning your favorite newspaper… but sometimes this could save you from bigger problems!
  • Change passwords. Are you one of the women who leave their mobile phone in any area of ​​the house and everyone has access to it? Curiosity is too greedy (especially for parents or couples), so do not hesitate to change the passwords from time to time so that when they try to access your WhatsApp… oops! They can’t do it!

Remember that WhatsApp is like your social diary! You must protect it!

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