6 Types of Photos You Should NOT Post on Social Media

Photos from your vacation, melancholic publications, photos with filters in the trendy cafe in your city… Are you one of those who publish your entire life on the networks like a celebrity? Be very careful, you could be putting your security at risk and not only that, these 6 types of photos could even ruin your life.

Be careful, these 6 photos should not be on your networks

  1. Photos with little clothes. Selfies in suggestive underwear are very sexy and all the famous ones do it, but be careful, you are not. You never know who may be viewing your profile or with what intention: perhaps it is the company that could hire you, your family, someone willing to harm you…
  2. Photos of children. We all know that your son, nephew or your friend’s baby is the most beautiful, but before posting a photo of him on your social networks, think twice. Exposing minors, their face and identity on the Internet without their consent is something very dangerous.
  3. Photos with location. It’s great to show the ‘cool’ places you frequent, but be careful not to give more information than necessary about where you are at all times, you could become an easy target for any criminal. And if not, remember the case of the robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris.
  4. Photos with cards. It seems logical, but many times we forget that a simple photo with your passport, on board the trip of your life, is revealing more information than you imagine. Even a harmless library card photo, if it falls into the wrong hands, could give you big headaches.
  5. Holiday photos. It is inevitable to show the world how good the sun, the beach… and the wonderful vacations you are having feel, but better dedicate yourself to enjoying them and you will post all the photos when you have returned. It is not convenient to show on the networks that your house is alone.
  6. Ticket photos. Tickets, tickets or tickets to any type of event such as a concert, for example, are easily falsified: it is enough to know the barcodes and ticket numbers to obtain a copy. Be careful posting them!

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