Let no one know where you Surf the Internet at Work

Work is the place where we spend the most time at the end of the day, even more than in our own home or with our family. 8 hours of work have come to nothing and it seems that the hours are getting longer and until everything that is pending is finished, taking work home is not a viable option. But of course, being at work for so many hours make our minds go to another place from time to time and we want to clear our mind by looking at things on the Internet, but trying to appear “that we are working”.

For example, who doesn’t get on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at some point of the day to stay connected with friends even when you’re at work? Who does not put WhatsApp web on the computer to be able to talk with family and friends without having to pick up the mobile and seem that while you are asking your partner about dinner you are working with the most concentration? Who doesn’t look at what’s new on Amazon on Black Fridays? Don’t deny it, you do too.

Let no one know where you browse during your working hours

  • But of course, it is not a good idea for your co-workers or your boss to know where you are surfing the Internet during your working hours, because if they find out, they could call your attention and nobody likes to be “touched” by the boss. So the best thing is that no one knows where you surf the Internet at work, and to achieve this… you will have to follow the following recommendations.
  • Clear your browsing history. It doesn’t matter which browser you’re using, look for a way to delete your history so no one will be able to find out where you’ve been browsing. Also delete all your passwords from social networks or you may find yourself in great trouble… If you browse in Firefox or Chrome you will have the possibility of deleting the history from the moment you decide, so it will be less suspicious than from the computer of the office has deleted “everything” that was in searches. In addition, this way you can maintain your job searches.
  • Use your own computer. Another way that nobody knows where you surf the Internet at work is by using your own computer and using the one in the office only for specific things. No one will dare look into the privacy of your personal computer unless you allow it.
  • Do not navigate where it does not touch. Perhaps you are in a company that is quite strict, so perhaps you would prefer to save yourself the trouble by looking at Facebook for a couple of minutes. In this case, it is better that you use the computer only for work and when you want to browse freely, do it in your breaks and through your smartphone – but save data… and take the Wi-Fi from the office!

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