Can Intimate and Personal Data be Erased from the Internet?

It is possible that sometimes when you browse the Internet you have entered intimate and personal data such as your telephone number or even your email address, or your home address! It is very important to use the Internet responsibly to prevent the data you put on the Internet from being used by people against you or with bad interests. On the Internet it seems that it is impossible to delete all the data that you have written or the personal data that you have been able to upload, but with patience you can at least delete a large part of it.

Delete intimate and personal data from the Internet

  • It is better prevent. If you really want to not have problems with your data on the Internet, you should be a farsighted woman and never put your data on the Internet, on any page and anywhere. If you want to create a Facebook profile or on any other social network, you can try to put the right data or that cannot endanger you in any way.
  • Delete your social networks. If you have put your data on social networks, it is time to delete them or deactivate those accounts so that they do not appear on Google or on any search engine. All social networks have the option to temporarily delete or deactivate the account in case you regret having done so after a while. Think about it, but if you want to delete personal data, this is the most effective option.
  • Talk to the webmasters. If you have put your data in a profile of web pages or on some websites to receive a newsletter or for other purposes, you will have to talk to the webmasters corresponding to each website and explain to them that you want to delete all your data and you do not give consent for them to continue having Your personal information. If you say it politely and explain the reason for your decision, you will surely not have problems, but remember to avoid these situations in the future.
  • Talk to your phone company. It is possible that your phone company has some online platform where your personal data is, something that other companies can use for cold advertising. You can explain your personal reasons for deleting everything and that you do not want your data to be in the hands of anyone.

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