Privacy and WhatsApp, Misunderstandings on the Net!

Many times when people speak orally it seems that they do not think about the consequences of their words, this will cause misunderstandings or discussions that could have been avoided only by thinking about using the right words. Well, with WhatsApp it happens exactly the same or worse. Many people who talk on WhatsApp with other people can create misunderstandings solely because they have not thought through what they should have written.

You can always find the right words for everything, especially when you want to convey something to another person, especially when it comes to feelings or explaining lived experiences. Who likes misunderstandings? It is a bad drink that can be avoided as long as you think twice before you start typing on your mobile.

Misunderstandings on WhatsApp and couple relationships 

  • Misunderstandings usually occur (by chance) with the people we love the most and have the most confidence in, because as they commonly say: ” Confidence sucks”. This means that since there is trust we do not think well what we want to say and we can end up writing that they are not really like that.
  • For example, imagine that you are talking to your partner on WhatsApp and he asks you how you had a good time with your friends that night and you answer something like: “Great! I love spending time with my friends, we have met many guys at the disco.” It is likely that later you want to tell him what happened, or perhaps that they have tried to flirt with you but since you are faithful to your partner, obviously you have sent them for a walk, but of course… that in WhatsApp is not well reflected and your boy it can make you feel pretty bad.
  • That is why when we write on WhatsApp it is essential to think twice about things before writing them because even if you are missing a comma it can be a problem. For example, in the following sentence: “Let’s eat, children”, the use of the comma is essential to know that it is an order for children, on the other hand, if you remove the comma: “Let’s eat children” it becomes a somewhat cannibalistic phrase, do you realize the importance of the comma? And the same goes for all punctuation marks… better to use them correctly and avoid misunderstandings!

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