Father’s Day: Original WhatsApp messages to send to your father

Father ‘s Day is a very important date to celebrate, don’t you think? It is an important day to thank all that your father has done for you, all that he continues to do and all that he will give you throughout your life. He is one of the most important people in your life, and on his special day he deserves a gift that comes from your heart.

But, in addition to giving him something material, in this article we suggest that you show him all your love through original WhatsApp messages to send to your father that he will surely love. Once he receives it, you will make him smile the biggest. Which of these messages will become your favorite? You cannot lose this!

WhatsApp’s to surprise on Father’s Day

You can send your dad a funny gif or even a video on his mobile, but a phrase with which you tell him how important and special he is to you will touch his heart. We give your ideas so that on Father’s Day you can send your father a fun and original WhatsApp, but he remembers that you can always customize it and adapt it to your tastes.

  1. Thank you for the education you gave me. I am proud of who I am and I owe it to you. I love you Papa!
  2. A very affectionate way to show all your appreciation. It’s a great WhatsApp!
  3. +A father is the one who gives your life, but also gives you love
  4. Your dad gave you the gift of life and throughout your path he has given you love and affection.
  5. Not all superheroes wear capes or have superpowers
  6. Do you consider your father a superhero? Send him this WhatsApp with a funny image!
  7. Being a father or being a good father doesn’t matter because you have both.
  8. Your father is the best in the world and surely you want to tell him on his special day.
  9. +Because despite the problems, we remain united. I love you Papa!
  10. No matter how many problems there are, your family will always be there to support you, just like your father.
  11. For your words of encouragement, for your advice in hard times, for your hugs of support, for all this and more… I love you, Dad!
  12. Say thank you for everything he does for you on Father’s Day, he’ll appreciate it for sure!

Phrases from famous authors about parents to send by WhatsApp

In addition to the previous phrases, we have a selection of famous phrases that your dad will surely love. Choose the one you like best, and don’t forget to give it your personal touch!

What does it feel like to be a father? It’s one of the hardest things out there, but in return it teaches you the meaning of unconditional love.

Nicholas Sparks

The American writer and his special phrase for Father’s Day are most appropriate.

Your parents and your teachers are your faithful and selfless friends. Take advantage of them, they will not be able to accompany you for a long time


Taking advantage of time with your parents is one of the best things you can do.

My father gave me the greatest gift that anyone could give another person: he believed in me.

jim valvano

If your father has given you the pleasure of supporting you unconditionally in everything in your life, send him this beautiful phrase!

A good father is worth a thousand teachers

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Surely your father has taught you much more than many teachers at school.

When I was 14 years old my father was so ignorant that I couldn’t stand him. But when I turned 21, it was amazing to me how much my father had learned in 7 years.

Mark Twain

A phrase that talks about the different stages we have in life and how we see our parents in all of them with a touch of the most fun.

My father believed in honesty, in absolute honesty. That’s the most important lesson he taught me

Steve Wozniak

Did your father teach you a valuable life lesson? Let them know with a nice phrase!

WhatsApp perfect for new fathers on Father’s Day

  1. Do you know a dad celebrating Father’s Day for the first time? Then do not hesitate to send him one of these phrases, he will drool reading them!
  2. I need your arms, your kisses, your caresses… I need you, dad!
  3. A father is needed throughout life, because he does much more for us than we can imagine.
  4. I have never told you until this day, but now that I know how to speak I break my silence: I love you, dad!
  5. A beautiful phrase to tell the first-time dad everything that his son is going to love him in his life.
  6. Dad, I love you because you take care of me and protect me every moment.
  7. A new dad will give everything for his son, just like his father gave everything for him.
  8. I can’t speak yet, but I want you to know that what I am I owe to you.
  9. A beautiful phrase that you can send to a new father who has been a father a few days ago.
  10. Because your pampering is better than apiretal because your heart cures even mumps, I love you, dad!
  11. All the love of a father to his son summed up in a few precious words.
  12. To the best father in the world. I love you Papa!
  13. A father is one of the best people in the world! Why not send this beautiful phrase?

Funny WhatsApp’s for Father’s Day

  1. If your father is characterized by his good humor, you can make him laugh with one of the following phrases. We assure you: you will love them.
  2. I love that it is not necessary to tell us that I am your favorite daughter. I love you so much dad
  3. A special phrase that talks about the important bond you have with your father. Give him a happy day!
  4. Thanks for teaching me more than Google, dad. I love you!
  5. Sometimes a father teaches us more values ​​and more information than you can find on the Internet.
  6. Luckily there is only one Father’s Day a year, I don’t think he would be capable of being so cloying for more than 24 hours straight… I love your dad!
  7. A WhatsApp message for those who have a hard time showing their affection on a daily basis, it’s the most fun!
  8. Congratulations dad, not everyone can boast of having a daughter like me
  9. A funniest phrase that, accompanied by a fun image, will be the perfect WhatsApp.
  10. Dad, you deserve a monument for being there at all times.
  11. Originality and fun in one of the most beautiful phrases of all on Father’s Day. Send it to them via mobile!

Emotional and very beautiful messages to send to your dad on Father’s Day

  • We finish our selection of WhatsApp’s for Father’s Day with a batch of the most emotional messages that your dad will surely love. Which of them will become your favourite?
  • I am very proud of who I am, and I owe that to you. Happy day Dad!
  • The pride that a daughter can have for having a father like hers is enormous, remind her of that in her day!
  • Parents are dedicated one day a year, but mine dedicates every day of his life to me. I love you Papa!
  • How right is this phrase! Your dad surely spends more than one day a year with you, if not all.
  • Thanks dad for not telling me how to live. You lived and taught me with your example

What do you think of these beautiful words to celebrate such an important day as Father ‘s Day?

  1. You gave me the gift of life and you continue to give me incomparable moments by your side. Happy Father’s Day!
  2. Your father and mother gave you the gift of life, and thanks to them you have become the person you are today.
  3. You have taught me so many things that do not fit in this message. I just want to tell you that I love your dad and that I wish you the happiest of days.
  4. There are times when a single message does not fit all the things you have to say to your father. How about just telling him how much you love him?
  5. I can’t think of a better way to congratulate you on Father’s Day than by thanking you again for everything you do for me. Good day!
  6. A few words of thanks are always welcome, especially on such an important day for your father.

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