How to Prevent them from Snooping on your Computer

A person’s private computer is like the most intimate diary, in it we keep all our secrets and that is why no one has to look at it unless you allow them to. Your computer is yours, it is your rules and your secrets, why do people both at home and in the office have the need to look at the lives of others? At home you can understand a little -and neither! -, but in the office maybe people have too much free time or maybe because their lives are too boring.

How to prevent them from snooping on your computer

  1. Put a login password. The first thing you have to do if you want to avoid being gossiped about your computer is to set an entry password so that no one can easily and freely access your computer. But when you put the password, use your imagination a bit, forget about putting your birthday, the date you started dating your partner or the typical: ‘1,2,3…”. Combine uppercase with lowercase and numbers and so on. you will make it a little more difficult.
  2. Protected documents. If you can’t put a password because you have to share the computer or maybe the person who wants to gossip has noticed how you put your password and knows what it is without you knowing… another idea to avoid gossiping your computer is to protect all your documents with passwords, it will surely cost you more now!
  3. Your computer has to go with you always. Another way to avoid having your computer gossiped about is to keep it with you at all times or hide it when you’re not around. It may be a bit extreme but if there are too many boring people around you with a ‘thirst for gossip’ it is better that you do not leave your life on a plate. Because the inside of a computer is your virtual life!

And of course… don’t look at your things with other people in front of you!

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