How to Erase your Traces on the Internet?

You may be looking for a gift online for your partner or your mother and you want it to be a gift, but of course, if you look at the Internet history you will easily discover what you have been looking at. Or maybe you want to plan a surprise trip and the same thing happens to you, if your partner or someone you want to surprise looks at the computer and discovers the latest searches you’ve done… all your effort and time spent will go to waste! It is likely that you want to avoid this unpleasantness, so it will be very useful for you to discover how to erase your traces of the Internet.

Erase your internet trace easily 

In order to learn how to delete your traces on the Internet, you will have to learn how to delete your browsing history, so no one will know the last searches you have done and you can even book an anniversary gift for your parents, a surprise trip for your partner or even birthday gifts for your whole family.

  • Internet Explorer steps: To erase your traces on the Internet you will have to go to the tools and select the Internet options. In this part you will be able to see your browsing history… you just have to click delete and a new window will appear and you can also delete all cookies, history, temporary internet files and form data as well (mail email, phone number, addresses, passwords, etc.)
  • Google Chrome Tools: Located at the top right of the Chrome window you will find an icon with three horizontal bars. You will only have to click here and then select “Settings” from the list that will appear. From here you will have to select “History” that will appear on the left of the screen. Afterwards you will only have to click on the “Delete” button and mark the browsing data and also the cookies. You have the option to delete by periods of time, so it is very useful to be able to delete the last hour, the day, the week or the last four weeks… it depends on how long you have been looking at the gift for your boy, you can choose time and thus it will be less “suspicious”.
  • Mozilla Firefox: To delete your trace on the Internet once you have used the Firefox browser you will have to click on the Firefox dropdown menu located at the top left of the main window, from here you can see the histprial and delete the recent history. In the menu that appears – you can also press at the same time: Ctrl-Shift-Del – a new window will open that will allow you to delete cookies and browsing history. In Firefox it allows you to delete by hours or by days, also very useful!

Now you no longer have an excuse to spoil yourself for the surprise of others, or they will no longer be able to know where you have been browsing. Your privacy in your Internet browsing will be protected!

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