WhatsApp: Tricks to Live your Intimacy

Does anyone like to have their cell phone looked at, their messages gossiped about or that they know who they are talking to? Obviously not. However, many times we are exposed to prying eyes that mercilessly snoop on our WhatsApp. It does not mean that they want to gossip on us on purpose -or yes, you never know-, but there are certain beginner mistakes that we should not make, who has not happened to them? Every day it seems more complicated to preserve and live your privacy on WhatsApp.

Embarrassing notifications on WhatsApp

We are involved with a hottie that we have met recently. It is not love nor do we pretend it, but pure and hard sex. Like the messages we send each other, hot as hell. Yes, those that we would not want anyone to see, but even less our most direct family, who coincidentally want to see how they turned out in the blissful photo taken with your latest generation mobile… and they see a message in the foreground the one in which the aforementioned tells you about the position of the Kamasutra that has occurred to him for your next meeting. Be thankful if he hasn’t sent you a photo… Let’s see how your mother recovers from her upset!

Confusion with WhatsApp groups

Who does not have a WhatsApp group with their soulmates? Those with whom we can share confessions, gossip and photos of all kinds, which we know will never circulate elsewhere. Good, but what happens if the administrator -which is not you- starts to include other friends or acquaintances in that group? Well, if we are not careful, we can be exposed and send a message embarrassing someone who could be in the group, or an image in which we come out unfavored, terrifying!

Dangerous messages on WhatsApp

We are without a stable relationship, meeting new people, and we do it of course through the new tools that technology offers us… Speaking clearly: we flirt with more than one through mobile phones. Well then, watch out! To see who we are sending the messages to so that they do not discover that they are not the only one, since this could lead to a problem depending on where the situation is with each one.

Tips to live your intimacy on WhatsApp

All these rookie mistakes can be solved, and nobody finds out about our things. So that neither he nor anyone else can see who we are talking to, it is better that we know some tricks that will preserve our privacy from onlookers.

 Disable WhatsApp notifications

Yes, they are very comfortable not answering when they don’t feel like it -no one knows what the double blue check has made life difficult for us-, but they also leave us completely exposed. To us and to the messages of others. In the phone settings we will find a way to make it so that when they write to our mobile no one can see it by clicking on the famous button shouting: let’s see what photo you have in the background!!??

Put the night mode on the mobile phone

Many mobiles, such as iPhones, have a way to make the screen not light up at night. This not only contributes to our rest -there are very annoying people who write in WhatsApp groups at dawn and we are all thinking of someone-, but it will also prevent the messages from appearing on the screen for anyone to see.

Putting a password is living

Yes, you don’t want to put doors on the field, but let’s see, let’s be serious: if you don’t put a password on your mobile, anyone can access the information you store on it. And forget about the patterns, anyone will see you put it on and will imitate it. Put a meaningless number -it’s stupid to put your birthday, admit it- that only you know.

Change smartphone password from time to time

Surely you have a smart friend who will ask you for your number to unlock your mobile and pass that photo in which it looks perfect -Instagram needs it, and you know it-, and they will probably ask you out loud. No problem, you give it to them and immediately change it. And do something else: change it from time to time to be even more protected.

Delete WhatsApp conversations

If they still manage to access your mobile, at least it would be good not to make the mistake of having everything in view, and by everything we mean saving each conversation, each audio and each photo, no matter how compromised it may be. “It doesn’t matter, they stay in the cloud”, well, unless that cloud is far away. Delete as much as you can, so there will be nothing to tie you down, and incidentally no one will be able to access your private life, which is yours alone.

Say no to mobile message history

WhatsApp tries to save the history, do not be tempted. Yes, that boy has sent us super romantic messages, but surely some hot ones too, and we have also given birth to a friend -with love-, or we have sent a word that we regret. Erase your trail and no one will follow you.

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