Is it true that Instagram notifies screenshots?

We have a new way of looking at life since Instagram appeared and whoever denies it is lying. You must recognize that more than once you have been with your friends doing an activity that you have photographed and shared through a ‘story’. Or you have taken a photo and shared it on said social network to later see how many likes you have had. Or you have put a soundtrack to a video you recorded with your friends to share it… And much more!

The fact is that since Instagram exists we have changed our way of acting with others. Or have you never gossiped or commented with your soulmate on that photo that this or another celebrity or friend has uploaded? Haven’t you told your best friend, “check out this guy’s latest story”? We have all fallen into that temptation and, if we go a little further, we will recognize that we have taken the occasional screenshot of certain stories or images to share it in the chat with friends.

However, the rumor has been heard more than once that this network was going to start notifying the owners of the profiles when someone makes these captures. Is it true that Instagram notifies screenshots? How much truth is there in it? What can and cannot be seen by the owner of a profile? We tell you!

Does the owner of an Instagram profile find out if I take a screenshot?

We have to look for the origin of this news in Instagram itself, since it announced that it was going to implement the functionality of notifying screenshots in future updates. However, we do not know if it became real for any user, but the reality was that it never became complete. The social network immediately took a step back in the face of complaints from multiple users.

What is certain is that there are two notifications that started to work since they were accepted. First of all, being able to publish other people’s stories in your stories (as long as they have authorized it in their profile). And, on the other hand, to notify if a photo sent by private message is captured.

Therefore, and given all these updates that we have just seen, the truth is that Instagram only notifies the owner of the profile as long as a person takes a screenshot of a photo or video sent by private message.

The mystery of the order of the people who see your stories on Instagram

  • There is a mystery on Instagram that has yet to be explained: the order of the people who can see your stories. Surely you have been able to observe that, from time to time, they change. But neither do they do it in a logical order or, at least, that seems logical to you.
  • Contrary to what many may think, it has nothing to do with the order in which people view your stories or how many times they have viewed it. Instagram orders them based on an algorithm that collects various data, such as the interaction you have with that person in terms of likes or private messages, as well as the number of times you visit the profile. In fact, if you look closely, the last ones on the list of those ‘seen’ will always be the people you don’t follow.
  • However, no one has yet managed to decipher this “mystery” and know for what strict reason they are ordered. Because surely you have a profile ordered at the top with which you do not have so much interaction. So why does it appear at the top?
  • It can be for various reasons, such as you being one of their ‘favorite accounts’, that is, your stories appear first and therefore they are always the first to see them. That goes up a point in the list of positions. Like if you interact a lot with your profile (visit you, comment or answer stories).

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