How to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp (on Android, IPhone…)

Since the well-known WhatsApp messaging application put the option to delete messages, there are many times that we come across this phrase in one of the many chats that we all usually have: ‘this message was deleted’, and it is then that you think Could he have made a mistake in writing? Or maybe you put something in and then regretted it? No matter the answer, what interests us now is how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android, iPhone… Let’s see it!

How to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp

  • We cannot avoid it; it is to see the phrase that says that the message has been deleted to start thinking about what it would put. It goes without saying when that message appears in a group conversation in which only a few, who just had their mobile in hand, have been able to read it and make comments but do not reveal the secret information and of course, it gives you embarrassed to ask directly what it said. Well, you should know that there are several ways to read deleted WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone. We tell you!
  • WhatsApp introduced the option to delete messages in 2017, how time flies! Since then, anyone can delete that inopportune phrase from the chat before anyone (or almost) can read it, answer or share it. However, the creators of the application, we do not know if by carelessness or intention, left a clue with which everyone could see that a message had been deleted. It is then that, curious and curious, they used all their ingenuity to try to recover the deleted message. Below we tell you the formulas that work best to see those happy messages, we say the ones that work best because you can’t always read the message again, what can we do!
  • First of all, you should consider whether or not you should read the deleted messages from the instant messaging app. If it is a group and you know for sure that it is something not important, regrets will not make an appearance. Now, if it is about your partner or your best friend and you know that it is a delicate matter, the same doubts assail you as to whether you should try to read that message or let it go. We leave it to your choice, the only thing we can tell you is that, before trying any of the methods, you should think about it, so you will be calm.

In what cases can deleted WhatsApp messages be recovered?

  • Let’s go by parts. When will it be possible to retrieve a message and when not? In theory, in no case does the app give the option of deleting them but not recovering them, neither for the one who wrote them nor for the one who did not receive them, however, in the other theory, you can pull the trail left by those messages erased. Before you get your hopes up, read this:
  • In Android we will use the content of the notifications, if it generates a notification of the message, in that case you can recover it once it is deleted.
  • If you have an iPhone, you should know that recovering messages is going to be an impossible mission, unless you have the backup activated.
  • On the other hand, as far as we know, you can only recover the first 100 characters of the deleted message, something is something!
  • Recovering multimedia content (photos, videos and audio) is the most complex.
  • Let’s see what options we have to recover deleted messages.

Recover messages through backup

Note that this method is the only one that could work on Android and iPhone. To get it right, the backup must have saved the conversation, complicated, yes, but not impossible.

It is in the backups where the state of a conversation is saved. If we just make a copy of the chat and we receive the notice that the message has been deleted, we will only have to restore the copy of the messages to be able to read them.

Keep in mind that the copies are activated but they are made practically by themselves, so if a new copy is made, perhaps the message deleted before will no longer appear when restoring the copy. If you want to be sure that the backup does not fail you, you will have to give the manual option.

As we told you before, multimedia content is the most complex to recover since it is not always saved in the backup copies made by the device. In these cases, there are times when it would be impossible to see.

How to read deleted messages in WhatsApp from the notification history

  1. This method works for Android and consists of accessing a specific Widget from the settings menu.
  2. Step 1. Hold down the wallpaper of your mobile, you will see that a menu appears, you will have to choose the Widgets option.
  3. Step 2. Once you are in the list with all the apps in which a widget can be designed, you will have to choose the Settings app, press and release to put it in the part of the desktop that you want, you have just created the shortcut.
  4. Step 3. Now you have to choose the option ‘Log notifications’.
  5. Step 4. Once you have received WhatsApp message notifications, you must click on the ‘Notification log’ icon to access them.
  6. Step 5. On a new screen you will see another list with the notifications you have received. It is time to click on the WhatsApp, the content of the app will be displayed even if it has been removed from the chat by the sender.
  7. Step 6. To read, or rather decipher, the specific message you are looking for, you have to look at the android. Text field, that is, you will have to search among all the data that has appeared on the screen.
  8. As with the previous method, with the notifications method you will only be able to read the first 100 characters of the deleted message.

Use a third-party app to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

What else can we do to try to recover deleted WhatsApp messages and not die of curiosity? Well, install a specific app for this purpose. WAMR or WhatsRemoved+ are the best known, but you won’t be able to read more than 100 characters either. If you opt for this option, basically you have to follow the steps indicated in the application itself, however, we will give you this brief summary:

When you are installing the app, indicate that WhatsApp is the application from which you want to recover deleted messages. On the other hand, you will have to allow access to the multimedia files and notifications of your mobile, that is, you must grant it all the permissions it asks for.

Once you have done all the steps, the application will be in charge of saving the conversations of the notifications that come to you from the instant messaging app as if it were the same chat. When you see that someone has deleted a WhatsApp message, all you have to do is go to the other App to be able to read it, at least a little bit.

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