The most TOP memes for Mother’s Day: make her cry with laughter

In the month of May, Mother’s Day is celebrated in a large part of the world, a very special date to honor those women who gave us life and helped us grow and mature over the years.

Although we must show this affection every day, this date is a perfect occasion to dedicate a few words full of love to our mothers. However, if you are more of being original and want to congratulate her in a special way, in this article we have compiled a few very TOP viral memes for Mother’s Day. You only have to choose the one you like the most, save it on your mobile and send it to your mother via WhatsApp (you can also share it with family, friends…) You will manage to make them smile and laugh a few times. Do not hesitate!

Mother’s Day: 6 hilarious memes to send via WhatsApp

For the influencers

There are those who have a special devotion to social networks and are in charge of announcing to all their followers how much they love their mother. Eye, that does not seem bad to us! Just like we brag about the delicious food we’ve been preparing all day or the sport we do, we should brag about being a mother too! But let’s not lose our way, it is important that before “posturing” we take into account real life and go to give a hug in person to that person who has given us life. This meme is dedicated to all those who pose before hugging. And if you don’t have anyone to send it to, maybe you are that person!

For the clueless

Oh! We know that the day to day has you quite a liadilla and time has been thrown at you! We are aware that you love your mother very much but thinking about other things… Mother’s Day is coming up and you still don’t have a gift. This meme, without a doubt, is for those clueless people who play it at the last minute. Because there are always them but we love them just the same (and their mothers too, who have raised them and know them).

for the classics

Without a doubt, there are memes that never go out of style and although the previous image has set the bar very high, this latest meme that we show you is not far behind. You will have seen the baby more than once and the phrase is so recurrent that it has practically become a slogan. This is the typical funny image that cannot be missing on Mother’s Day and that will surely reach you through more than one WhatsApp group. Go ahead and be the first to send it! No one will be able to stop laughing!

For the superheroines

We know that all mothers are superheroines but you may think that yours is a little more than all the others. It’s okay, it’s the usual fight (I think so about mine too). For this reason, it is not bad to remind all the mothers of the world that “they wear their capes backwards” and we do not care if it is an apron, a work overall or their own day-to-day clothes. They wear those kinds of capes no matter what they do, they are mothers!

the tender

If we are looking to touch the sensitive fiber of our mommies, we have a perfect meme for it that has reached our hearts. With this image in which the daughter sheep has made a sweater with her wool to give to her mother, you will surely succeed with yours. There may even be a tear!

The compilation of all his phrases

There are mother phrases that mark and when you find yourself saying them after a while, you stop and laugh alone. Because that is inherited. With this image you will have a compilation of all those recurring mother phrases: “What do I go to and find him?” Nothing like bringing traditional humor to a day like this.

And you? How are you going to surprise your mother on her day Hers? What do you think of all these memes for Mother’s Day? Tell us all your ideas in the comments! We read you!

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