WhatsApp States: pros and cons of using them

About a year ago, WhatsApp introduced a new feature in its application that consisted of publishing images and videos that your contacts could see and that only lasted 24 hours: WhatsApp statuses. Other applications such as Instagram or Facebook had already enabled this option, so in one or another app you had the possibility of publishing anything that, after 24 hours, would disappear!

But contrary to what we think, posting these statuses on WhatsApp has as many pros as cons, as many advantages as disadvantages, and it can affect us in our personal and/or professional lives. In the end, any contact you have in the calendar will be able to see it and it’s up to you to decide what to upload and what to keep.

The best of WhatsApp states 

  1. Show your other face: Sometimes many numbers that we have on the agenda (clients, colleagues, acquaintances…) only know one face, that of our work. Through this option you can let them know you a little more, but always controlling what you want them to see.
  2. Stay in touch without having them on Facebook: This social network is usually much more personal and we tend to post more leisure photos. Therefore, using WhatsApp statuses well, no one will have the need to add you to other, more personal networks.
  3. Share your hobbies: It will never harm you. On the contrary, it can be a good way to start a conversation with someone you are interested in or with whom you have not spoken for a long time.
  4. Post reflections: From time to time share beautiful phrases dedicated to someone or not very personal photos. Remember that even your boss can see you.
  5. Show something about your work or your daily routine, without revealing too much information about what you are doing.
  6. It reaches many quickly. For example, if you change your number.

The disadvantages of WhatsApp statuses 

  • Not everything is positive in these applications. As happens most of the time, if we take this option lightly, it can end up hurting us! From time to time, keep an eye on who sees your WhatsApp statuses because remember that, unless you specifically block a person from seeing it, all your contacts can access the information you post for a whole day. What should you avoid so that it does not go against you?
  • Posting on party nights: It will never bring you anything positive if your entire agenda, clients, bosses, family and friends see you on a Saturday night giving it your all…
  • It is not a diary: Counting everything you do at all hours, in addition to being very boring, will reveal too much information about you.
  • Beware of jokes: Especially if someone can be offended by them because they are in bad taste.
  • To try to use them in the best possible way, before sharing anything `ask yourself: “Would my family be able to see what I am going to upload without problems? And my bosses? My coworkers?” If the answer to this is yes, go to the next level: “Will it make me look bad? Will it give an image about me that is not real? If then the answer is no, go ahead!

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