10 types of photos that are trending on Instagram

No one doubts that Instagram is the fashionable social network. Every day millions of users publish their most creative and artistic photos to gain likes among their hundreds of virtual friends. On Instagram we can see all kinds of photos: selfies, travel snapshots, couple photos, images with friends… However, there are certain types of images that have become fashionable and are more successful than any other on this social network. If you want to gain popularity among your followers, take note of these 10 types of photos that are trending on Instagram. You will be the queen of photography!

10 types of photos that are trending on Instagram

  1. Aerial views: There is no more exciting and adrenaline-filled moment than getting on a plane and taking off in search of new adventures in an unknown country. That moment when you fly over the sky, houses and people start to get tiny and you are submerged in a blanket of fluffy white clouds is truly unique and deserves a good photo that you can share with all your Instagram followers. These views from the plane will presage an exotic or island destination that will get more than one’s teeth long. If you want your aerial photo to reach more people and have more likes, share it with a hashtag like #plane (5,947,791 posts) or #planeview (83,812 posts).
  2. Infinity pool: If there is a type of photo desired by Instagram users, it is that of the infinity pool. If you manage to have a snapshot of these on your profile, just like Dulceida’s, you will be the most envied person on the social network since it will seem that you are in paradise itself. You will have to find a pool near the sea that is built in such a way that its orientation causes an optical illusion when viewed from perspective. The edge will merge with the horizon of the sea creating a false sensation of infinite water. Share it with the hashtags #pool (20,788,595 posts), #piscina (5,912,835 posts) or #infinitypool (610,886 posts).
  3. Selfie underwater: The fever for the selfie has no limits of any kind and goes beyond the barriers of the physical. From group selfies to couple selfies to selfies at the gym or working out, now comes the latest trend: underwater selfies. No matter how complex it is to take the photo, if you have the right setting (beach or pool) and technology allows it (you will need a camera or a cell phone that can be submerged in water) you will get the coolest photo of the century Like Blanca Suarez. Use the hashtags #underwater (3,340,701 posts) or #underwaterphoto (243,610 posts).
  4. Ice creams of all shapes and colors: If there is one thing that is clear, it is that ice creams are one of the most ‘instagrammable’ treats and there is a specific type of ice cream that is causing a sensation on this social network: taiyakis. Still don’t know what they are? It is a cone in the shape of a fish that is filled with one or two scoops of ice cream of the flavor that you like the most. They come from Japan and have become fashionable in big cities where photos are shared daily with the hashtags #icecream (27,024,097 posts) and #taiyaki (96,328 posts).
  5. Cool mattress: Anyone who does not yet have the most outlandish float of all is not worthy of an Instagram photo. This fashion began in 2015, but this year it has become an object not only exclusive to influencers. They come in all possible shapes, colors and sizes: super cool unicorn-shaped mats, bubblegum pink flamingo, a slice of pizza, a saltine cookie and even the Homer Simpson donut. If you don’t have your cool float yet, get one and post your photo with the hashtags #float (618,484 posts), #flamingo (1,967,655) or #pizza (27,216,080 posts).
  6. Workaholic moment: Another of the most fashionable photos that is most published on Instagram is the classic one of the laptop or ebook+coffee (the hashtag #coffee accumulates more than 70 million publications). To give it a different and unique touch, nothing like improvising a workplace in a calm and cool place, like the garden or a park.
  7. The de rigueur photo: Although it is true that we have become very sophisticated taking photos, some snapshots remain intact over time. Traveling in tourist mode and being proud of it is a trend. The New York skyline, a hand holding the Eiffel Tower and our whole body pushing the Tower of Pisa so it doesn’t fall are just some of the photos that must be taken. If you have any of these photos, share them with the hashtag #tourist (15,853,310 posts) or travel (203,035,282 posts).
  8. Instafood: If there is something that triumphs par excellence on Instagram, it is food photos. Who has never uploaded a succulent snapshot of the fabulous dish that they have spent all morning cooking? Who has not shared a delicious dessert from their favorite restaurant with their followers? If the photos of food are always a good claim to increase the number of likes, they are even more so when the dish includes exotic or typical ingredients from another country.
  9. Festival photo: You are not a good follower of Instagram if you have never been to a festival and have uploaded a photo of it. There is nothing like portraying the festival-look for Instagram: glitter, impossible up-dos and rainbow hair are a must on social networks.
  10. Sunset photo: Being on vacation and forgetting the day of the week and even the clock favors this type of situation: 9:30 at night and continue on the beach to immortalize how the sun disappears under the sea. Another scene, no less common, is the one carried out by those who dance until dawn and are surprised by the sun. Share your own sunset with the hashtags #sunset (142,745,096 posts), #atardecer (4,837,302 posts) or #sunrise (1,601,125 posts).

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