Mother’s WhatsApp

If you were looking for signs that the apocalypse is near, here is the definitive one: mothers have discovered WhatsApp. From the moment they got hold of the popular mobile messaging application, men and women have to suffer from WhatsApp’s that are repeated more than the chain mails of the 90s. If your mother has WhatsApp, you will feel identified.

Speed ​​is not his forte.

At the time when you explain to your mother the situation of your life as a couple, work and your plans with your friends, you will be lucky if she has finished greeting you.

Spaces, those great unknowns

For some unknown reason, mothers seem unable to find the space symbol on the keyboard. Ironically, it is the biggest of all.

Predictive text plays tricks

We can think of predictive text as a “power user” skill, which your mom hasn’t mastered yet. Luckily, she leaves us phrases as funny as this one.

Why do you want an agenda, having a mother with WhatsApp?

The organization of a mother is only comparable to that of the most efficient computer operating systems. Also, they have the ability to make you feel guilty with just a few sentences.

High level espionage tactics

Whenever you want to get a confession, go to a mother. They may not know how to change their profile picture, but they have extrapolated their spy skills to mobile to maximum effect.

The worst: regression to adolescence

When you leave home, which is the reason why your mother installs WhatsApp, she may regress to her adolescence. She will prove it to you by writing in the purest SMS style of ten years ago.

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