The best time to write to him on WhatsApp

Do I write to you or not? It is the question that, surely, more than once has been around your head. Starting a WhatsApp conversation with the boy you like is not easy, but knowing if it is a good time to do it is even less! A million doubts and questions come to mind: has it been long enough since we last spoke? Should he start it? Will you say I’m heavy? Will you be excited for me to write to you? What is the best time to write him a WhatsApp?

Let’s be clear: you will never know for sure the answer to those questions, you will never guess if it is good for you to write to them, if your WhatsApp surprises them or if they did not expect it. But there are ways and moments of the day in which it is more propitious to start a conversation. How to know if it’s a good time and what to say? We tell you!

How to know if it’s a good time to send a WhatsApp

Many times we are afraid to start a conversation for fear that we will not catch the other person at a good time and that this will make them not answer us. That is the first mistake, if he is interested in answering you, he will do it as soon as he finds the time. He is involved or not.

However, there are some tips that can help us when making the decision. The first is the connection time. If it is very recent, you can tell us that you are getting into WhatsApp every so often and it is possible that you will have an easier time answering than someone who has not been connected for hours.

There are also times in the day that are better than others. For example, if you both work, it is better that you write to him in the evening when you both have arrived home, it is quiet and nothing can interrupt the conversation.

In addition, it is preferable that this moment is daily rather than on the weekend. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays we usually have more plans outside the home, with friends, family, drinks and parties and, apart from the fact that things can get confused, we don’t usually pay as much attention to the phone.

Tricks to start a conversation on WhatsApp

If you have decided that it is a good time to write to him, now only the second part remains: how to start the conversation?

WhatsApp excuse 

If you have uploaded a WhatsApp status, we have found a photo, a meme or a song that reminds us of something we have experienced together, it will be the perfect excuse to start a conversation and remember certain moments.

WhatsApp funny

If you are looking to ensure an answer, this will undoubtedly be your best asset. Find the perfect phrase to sting him a bit or make him laugh (for example, “I propose a game!”). It will make him answer you and enter the conversation almost without thinking!


“The other day I loved seeing you” or “When do we see each other again?” If you write to him bluntly, the surprise will be much greater. Of course, this option is only for those who dare with everything!


“How are you?”. Perhaps the person you want to talk to is not very good at the previous forms of conversation and choosing to start it in a normal way is the most appropriate. It is the least original but the most reliable because how I answer you will say a lot about the relationship that exists between you.

Whatever you write, always remember that emoticons help us to express much better what we want to convey in writing, they will downplay the situation, make it funnier or even a bit naughty.

And, on the other hand, keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what you decide to do, whether you wait and don’t talk to him or write to him, what really matters is that you do it convinced, regardless of the response you get.

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