Face Dance Challenge: are you joining the new viral Internet challenge?

Internet and the challenges, the challenges and the Internet. What these two have is like one of those intense and inseparable relationships that relives its love and passion story every time it gets the chance. And yes, it has happened again. A new challenge has taken its great attraction for a walk through the networks, becoming viral. Still don’t know what we’re talking about? It’s called Face Dance Challenge and it’s a very fun game that’s been taking off in recent days and it’s really simple to use. Will you join the new viral Internet challenge? We tell you what it consists of!

What is the Face Dance Challenge?

Face Dance Challenge is an application, available for both iPhone and Android, through which the user must imitate the expressions of different emojis that appear on the mobile screen with facial gestures.

As if it were an ultra-currado filter for Instagram Stories, this application works through the front camera, so that it captures the person’s face through a recognition system. Furthermore, Face Dance Challenge includes a mode in which you can choose a specific song and, automatically, the game generates special emojis for it, so that the user has to imitate expressions of all kinds. From a face of atrocious panic or a sad face to the gesture of the typical lady outraged because she has just seen something risqué on TV.

The better the proposed emoticon is imitated, the more points are earned in the game, while if it is done wrong, they are lost. The greater the similarity between your mask and the emoji, the more options you will have to be the true star of Face Dance Challenge!

Will you join the new viral Internet challenge?

  • This new game seeks to revolutionize the Stories of half the world, so much so that the app offers the possibility of recording and sharing your video on social networks in order to challenge your followers. If you want to join the Face Dance Challenge and succeed, you just have to follow the following steps:
  • Download the app on your mobile, choose the song you like and start imitating the emojis that come out.
  • Save the video on your mobile and share it (also a screenshot of the funniest face you put) on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Tag the post with the hashtag #FaceDanceChallenge.
  • Mention several of your friends so that they too are encouraged to participate in the challenge.
  • You dare? Laughter is guaranteed!

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