The craziest memes to congratulate Christmas and New Year by WhatsApp

The Christmas holidays are the perfect reason to get together as a family, celebrate, remember those who are no longer there and add a bit of humor to all the traditions that surround them. And for a few years now, the best way to do it is with memes.

Those images that make fun of even the most unexpected situations, thoughts, gestures and attitudes inevitably invade WhatsApp groups and networks. There are many types: critical, full of black humor, sarcastic, for the whole family… And the thing is that all you need to deal with a meme is to keep humor very much in mind and, of course, forward it to those people who you think they might find it funny.

In the last weeks of December and the first weeks of January, a multitude of events and festivities are concentrated, such as the Christmas lottery, grapes, the New Year celebration… Here is a compilation of the craziest and most hilarious memes for you to take advantage of to congratulate Christmas and New Year by WhatsApp to all your acquaintances and, also, do it in an original and fun way. To laugh non-stop has been said!

The best memes to send at Christmas

  • Meme for those who hate Christmas

As we have commented before, if these images are characterized by something, it is because of their sarcastic nature and it is that there are so many forms that there are memes dedicated to those who hate Christmas. Does someone come to mind?

  • The double meanings in a funny Christmas meme

The humor that plays with the double meaning of the words is also one of those that invades these viral images. And it is that when each one understands what he wants… The result can be a meme like this!

  • Funny meme for Christmas

There are those who become more tender at these parties and there are those who seek to take one more step towards reconciliation. Of course, if they are accompanied by a nice congratulation, there is nothing more to say!

  • VERY funny Christmas image

Whether we like it or not, Christmas is synonymous with meals with family and friends and, of course, with memes that talk about those Christmas dinners in which you eat, eat and eat and end up… with a few extra pounds! And it is that we are able to get humor out of these situations.

The funniest memes to send in the New Year

  • New Year’s resolutions in a funny meme

The New Year is the ideal time to establish new goals: go on a diet, play sports, quit smoking, forget about your ex-partner for once, recover old friendships… We all make it clear that the new year is perfect to start that “new life” but do we really fulfill those purposes? The widespread statement that they only last two days is such that there are a multitude of memes laughing at those who still think they are going to comply. Are you one of them?

  • Special meme for your friends on New Year’s Eve

Another thing that undoubtedly characterizes the New Year is the New Year’s Eve party. Whether you go out or stay at home with your family, those extra drinks for the new year will always deserve a meme.

Memes for Three Kings Day: crazy and hilarious

  • Meme to send on Three Kings Day

Some people are strict with spelling and not a single one happens, even on Three Kings Day! Great moment to give a dictionary to those people who publish their posts on social networks full of faults. Do you already know who you are going to send this meme to? You sure have someone in mind.

  • Funny Christmas gift

And if something cannot be missing on this day, it is that image that laughs at all those gifts that we have always waited for and have never arrived, the illusion of Twelfth Night and the nerves when waiting to open a gift.

And it is that we can never lack humor! Are you up to send these funny memes to your family and friends at Christmas? Best of all, you can save the images on your mobile and then share them via WhatsApp with whoever you prefer. You will become the queen of memes!

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