Privacy on the Internet and the Dangers of Strangers

Taking care of your privacy when you browse the Internet is essential to be able to be safe and not have problems of any kind. Most of us are ‘connected ‘ all the time through computers, mobile phones, tablets or other devices. The potential of the Internet is a very valuable resource for entertainment, to make friends, to keep in touch and to have a good constant learning.

The dangers of strangers on the Internet and how to avoid them

But if you use the Internet every day, you could be at risk of strangers doing illegal activities against you, or abusing you—whether through bullying, fraud, or something more serious. Many people online are not what they appear to be when you first meet them. Just as you take care of your safety when you leave the house, it is also important to stay safe when you are connected to the Internet. You need to know the dangers of strangers!

In order not to be in danger from strangers on the Internet (online harassment, fraud, identity theft, sexting, cyberbullying, etc.) you will have to take into account the following aspects in order to protect your privacy:

  1. Never provide personal information. You don’t know what someone else can do with your phone address or phone number.
  2. Never send photos to just anyone. Especially if they are indecent photographs or of small children.
  3. Do not open emails with attachments from people you do not know or click on strange links sent to you by email or WhatsApp.
  4. Do not make friends online with people you do not know, you never know what you can find! There are bad people out there too boring.
  5. Do not meet in person with a person you have met online. If you do, make sure that he is a good person.
  6. If there’s something that’s happening to you online that starts to worry you, don’t hesitate to let those close to you know about it.

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